Honk Sound in the mod

Every truck that makes the sound of the horn (honk_light) is from the uaz, how do you make the horn to be a truck (honk_heavy)?

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the honk sound is relative to the weight of a truck/mod and cant be coded to be changed

  • Uaz 469 - Light Honk Sound (1600 to 6000 mass)
  • Kraz 255 - Medium Honk sound (6000 to 13000 mass)
  • Maz 7430 - Heavy Honk Sound (over 15000 mass)

Added to the Guide!

thanks but here only has two horns light or heavy, for heavy only ran above 8001 mass

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thanks for the update, it was old info i readed from oovee

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If you wanted to change the horn to something else my guess is you would have to change the lua code which I know nothing about

Or you change the name of the sounds/name the new custom horn like the original one and replace it. I did this with the winch sound, I made it sound like a bow2 motor running on 24V

Community Moderator - MudRunner

@riskywisky please dont give ideas you wont try, or atleast add a disclaimer,
@Aureliovr the best you could do its what @wrangmog said, just replace the sound file with a .wav of the sound you want (it has to be mono channel for the game to load it properly)

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