Patch 3 and Co-op 1.0 are LIVE!

No multiple squadrons in the field?
Now that is friggin ridiculous.

GG Tindalos for removing the one coolest and most carrier'y thing in this game compared to the first one.

Carriers SUCKED already, dev logic? Make them even worse.

Tell me, just tell me how not to rage at such idiotic changes.

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For what! Why such an increase in the prices of Corsair ships?
Oh yeah, and you had to say that now there is a fighter recall button, because I completely missed it, and many people who are now whining too
Battlecruiser “Flame of Asuryan” cost has been decreased from 419 points to 399 points
Battlecruiser "Phoenix Ship” cost has been decreased from 419 points to 370 points But I do not see the second BC for Сraftworld

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@ahriman yeah.... Carriers had good strategical implications before the nurf. Interceptors made good scouts

Hi there @ringosis, this sounds like an EAC issue rather than a co-op issue. Do you know if the guest player is being kicked back to the main menu in any other game mode like skirmish or single player campaign, or is it only happening in the co-op campaign?

EAC will send the player back to the main menu in the following cases:
• Third party software (even RGB lighting on mice etc) is detected (it can be very sensitive in this).
• The game has been pirated.
• You've made changes to game files.

Hi @dimetr could you please send us your crash log and DxDiag file? This would help us investigate what could be causing this for you.

Hi @jellyfoosh, have u planned more ships for rest of the races ? I mainly play Imperium fleets so i am interested in that. Will there be some future support after roadmap ends ?

@ezycompany101 said in Patch 3 and Co-op 1.0 are LIVE!:

@Zeblasky - Why do you think IN will be overall the best faction?

Because they are already at the very least top 3. Their macro, torpedoes and rams are great, even their carrier fleets are decent. And after so many cost reductions Navy will become even better. Sure they got their ramming nerfed quite a bit, but considering that you can always combo it with torpedoes, it will still be quite a potent tactic.

@zeblasky their combined ramming damage multiplicator has changed from 2,25 times to 2,1 and reducing ramming damage by 9,333% has a very minor impact overall (it is only important against boarding fleets, where you want as much damage as possible in the shortest time). overall I think navy got the biggest buffs this time with price reductions for key ships (CR line and retribution), while fleets they may struggle with got nerfed (the capping changes are huge for navy too. they always struggle to take out escorts).

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WIth Sekhmet 140 pts and starpulse, Necrons bring the good old starpulse spam alive again. Thing everyone was sick and removed in a previous patch

@nemesor-xanxas I’m liking the scourge too. It sort of has a vampiric look to it, which is really fitting for the Necrons and their death theme overall.

@jellyfoosh This update is just the best, the new Necron ship looks incredible. The Tindalos team is really do a great job.

@jellyfoosh This always happens to me and both of my friends that I play skirmish with regularly, so I'm guessing it's probably a pretty common issue.

@beernchips I think that’s a mistake. Some of the Necron ships are missing skills (like starpulses for the new Cruiser) and the carrier is missing it’s bombers and assualt boats despite the tooltip saying it has them.

@Jellyfoosh whats up with the carrier? It has a copy pasted imperial tooltip with assualt boats and bombers but doesn’t have any night scythes or night shrouds? Is that intentional?

@Nemesor-Xanxas For me it is not a mistake, the new ships are filling holes in Necrons fleet :
Sekhmet : a "low cost" LC with pathetic DPS but starpulse for a full Necron LC fleet with anti ordnance defense
Problem is they didn t think people will just spam it for good old starpulse spam
Harrower : a "low cost" cruiser with decent DPS. Star pulse being sacrified for having lesser cost
Scourge : carrier (I agree that bombers are missing not sure they shouldhave assault boats, same thing as eldar),no starpulse coz bays already provide fighter cover

Agree that lacking Starpulse feels intentional. Only 1 of the 4 Necron Light Cruisers has Starpulse IIRC, and it's actually the new one. So several non-escort ships we already had in the game before this patch didn't have Starpulse.

@whitehawke yeah, but all cruiser+ships had them in game and inlore, so it feels weird.

@Beernchips it can’t do anything else if it’s supplying fighter cover though, and doom scythes are notoriously bad. Maybe they upgraded them in the patch, but I haven’t noticed it yet. Necrons have assualt boats and bombers in cannon though, so they should here.

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Hi there @ringosis, this sounds like an EAC issue rather than a co-op issue. Do you know if the guest player is being kicked back to the main menu in any other game mode like skirmish or single player campaign, or is it only happening in the co-op campaign?

EAC will send the player back to the main menu in the following cases:
• Third party software (even RGB lighting on mice etc) is detected (it can be very sensitive in this).
• The game has been pirated.
• You've made changes to game files.

I made this account just to reply to this.

Quest dropping out of coop campaing after every battle happens to me and my friend too. There are a lot of complains about it on steam forums as well. So it is not something users or your clients are responsible of. Why the EAC is even doing anything during co-op campaing? it is vs. AI. Can't you just make hot fix to disable to EAC on coop, if that is the problem?

Most of us just buy the game, install it and expect it to work like it should. This is a great game, but this issue needs fixing. I played both necron and imperial campaings solo with some minor bugs and my coop friend played imperial campaing solo also with some minor bugs. We are now "trying" to play tyranid campaing coop, but with this issue it is very annoying.

What annoys me the most is that every patch kinda brings some new little things.

This one has the reduced Deployment space, but it only shows it on the minimap. Now people are unsure, Is it supposed to be smaller and just doesnt show in on the map for some reason, or is it supposed to be the same but a bug ?

I like the direction of the game and all, but what i personally would want is more communication. Before we always had a beta patch. We could see what was coming and test it.

This time its just. Oh look we didnt talk to you for weeks, now have this.

Hi @karaya-1
We completely understand this sentiment. Unfortunately we were unable to have a Beta period due to a very specific exploit that we have now fixed. We had to make changes on the server, which we can only use either for the beta branch or the main branch. For any future patches, we plan to have a Beta period beforehand.

The team is currently hard at work at fixing any new bugs (we are aware of the deployment issues).

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I am sorry, the text was written in Google translator.

Impressions of the patch:

  1. drukhari.

Now there is a single build for the Вrukhari fleet. It's great that the battleship (Titan) with boarding boats finally began to be used, but it is completely unbalanced.
Drukhari ships remain outside the detection zone, and launch shuttles. You are forced to keep your ships in a tight group, but this does not allow you to capture points.
You cannot try to catch up with Drukhari, as you cannot intercept the shuttles sent to you. (Aviation will not help you, because when using rooting lags behind the ships)
Battleship (Titan) has 4 squadrons of shuttles. This is more than enough to win. Drukhari don't even have to shoot ...


The number of uses of shuttles should be reduced to 2 ... or 3.
Shuttles will still allow to seriously weaken the enemy’s fleet, but to win only at their expense will not work.

  1. Astartes.

The ability to replenish the crew of abandoned ships with escort ships, causes the Astartes to spend landing every time.
The guns are too weak - even a combat barge cannot destroy an abandoned ship relatively quickly. More and more players are using builds with light ships - and this looks pathetic.


If the enemy’s crew is destroyed during the attack, the remaining assault actions must inflict guaranteed critical damage to the systems, or cause fire. (It is very strange if, having eliminated defenders, the attackers simply turn around and leave, without destroying the target that they attacked.)
Thus, the combat barge will become a competitive choice.

  1. Capture points.

The high speed of capturing points for large ships is a great idea. But there is one faction that breaks the system. Drukhari. Super heavy ships take the point almost instantly. Defenders manage to make only one shot. If the three points are not located close by, the Drukhari may not join the battle at all, but win by taking the points.


When capturing the enemy's point, the effect should be similar to the mark of escort ships, only for a shorter time. This will allow at least as a cover their points.

  1. Aviation.

I liked the opportunity to recall the squadron launched. But now the carrier fleets from the game are almost gone. This is bad. Some factions (such as tau) are very dependent on aviation ... Anyway, the greater the diversity, the more fun it is to play. I suppose that the decision of such corrections of aviation was due to statistics, but in the end it turned out too radical...


Save block reloading squadron until its return to the ship, but only for squadrons of the same type. So the use of bombers will not block reloading interceptors, or assault shuttles.
As a result, the player will have to alternate the attacking groups and the intensity of one-time air strikes will be reduced. At the same time, the Aircraft Carrier Fleet will be able to play again, even if alternating types of squadrons.