hangar cooldown changes

the new mechanic for hangars introduced by patch 3 is horrible (if you launch hangar craft, your hangar CD is frozen until your craft returns or are destroyed. only then the CD ticks down). whatever the intention of this change was (making hangars cheaper without overpowering them?), it is not working.

Fosil, FYI, once the craft are launched, there is a "Recall" button that appears, but it's to the far right of the all button icons, and not next to the Ordnance button grouping, for some reason (I assume that's an oversight). But even if you recall you still have to wait for the craft to return before the cool-down timer starts.

My first reaction is also to ask what exactly this is supposed to do. Not sure what the purpose of it is besides heavily nerfing carrier fleets. I don't exactly run a lot of carrier fleets, but still.

Can someone explain why this change was included and if there's a chance it'll be reiterated on in the future? Thank you.

This change sucks ass and they gotta go back to what they had before or else carrier fleets are shit. They werent even good before the nurf cause bombers hardly ever made it to their target and get endlessly kited.

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No point in raging I guess.

Obviously devs no longer care about our suggestions. Following the previous patch this forum was swarming ideas on how to fix certain problems. From what I can see, not one of them made it through.

The aim is clearly to nerf full carrier builds by reducing their ability to scout and swarm by not allowing multiple squadrons launch.

@beernchips the problem is that you barely could get through a fully braced fleet with a full carrier build and that it is pretty easy to kite ordnance at long range (splitting fighters from bombers). the only exception for this were 20 hangar nids builds, which can be easily nerfed by pricing without tinkering with hangars in general. necrons being able to completly shut down carrier play is another problem (which will never be solved, as long as you cannot change fleets after seeing your opponent).

Never said the nerf was deserved i was just trying to explain what the nerf was aimed for

let's be productive and try to salvage the changes: it is good to have a recall strike craft button. if they want to keep the freeze, split the CD between fighters and bombers / assault craft (or maybe even all three). so that you can launch one fighter group and bomber / assault craft group per ship. reduce the cooldown for fighters to zero (keeping the freeze until your squad is back / destroyed) and reduce the CD for bombers / assault craft to something like 15-20 seconds. this means every hangar is useful for counter strike craft duty and for offensive use if the other player has no fighter cover. this would probably shift the meta to include at least some hangars in every list and it would make overwhelming star pulse crons more manageable. this does not change that point-blank carriers are the way to go.

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You cannot have separate CD between fighters and bombers otherwise you just have to send fighters wait 1 sec send bombers and nothing will attack them.

@beernchips first of all, fighters and bombers have different move speed. if you can pull off to time the arrival from different strike groups against a moving fleet, you deserve to be rewarded.

secondly, that's what you already do more or less with massed carriers. send some fighter followed by bombers (or torpedos). this makes only sense if you have a lot of hangars/ordnance, that's one big reason why only a few carriers is not working offensively.

lastly, zero / low CD fighters that you can recall are extremely strong defensibly. it is quite hard to kill their charge off if you pay attention. low CD is probably better to avoid abuse.

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@fosil said in hangar cooldown changes:

this does not change that point-blank carriers are the way to go.

Carriers for factions like chaos are not close range ships though. Its suicide for them. You can get away with it if your orks or IN but from a Historical/lore/naval stand point Carriers are designed to be long range ships.

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