Capture Speed Changes

With pretty huge amount of changes I'm not surprised this one sort of went under radar. Any high level player insight on this? Do you think it's being better than before to the cap mini-game?

I personally think it should be toned down. Capital ship having faster capture than escort is very intuitive, I dig that. But 5x speed? Hello? Something of likes

ES - 0.7
LC, CR - 1
BC, GC - 1.5
BB - 2

seems alot more reasonable to me. Capital ships having 3x cap speed compared to escorts, not 10x we have right now. Any thoughts?

just want to point out a minor thing about capping that you might have missed
second largest ship on the point is contributing half its worth

personally like the change

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I agree that the BB x5 is OP with Eldars BBs. The factors still need to be adjusted on nextpatch