Some issues i noticed after recent patch

Deployment zones are not accurate along with the map and There are places like the Corners where i cant place ships although Its highlighted as a deployment zone. But the map shows something differently it covers the central area but the corners are not highlighted as deployment zones

Having Some Overlay issues as well. Whenever i have some pop up coming on Desktop Be it Avast or some microsoft program. I cant select any ships or click on the area. It switches to the windows cursor not the INgame cursor. So wherever that pop up has sprung up on Desktop I need to minimize BFGA to deal with the problem. Not sure why that is. Not sure if its a problem on my end. I just dont experience this problem with any of my other games.

The deployment zones are definitely not lining up anymore. The whole first row and corners just unusable is annoying.

Suddenly I'm getting a ton of game crashes in multiplayer as deployment is finished and the game tries to start.

Also apperently you lose your perks and abilities if you dont ready up in time.