Votemap & joining matches that are already over

4 out of 5 matches I just joined were almost over. Why can't we just play match after match with the same team like in the old days? Why can't we vote for a map at the end of a round? Why are the matchmaking mechanics such a pain in the ***?
I appreciate the performance updates but I couldn't help but deinstall the game now.
And the playerbase is already dwindling, at least in Europe. So please do something. Anything.

Edit: Changed the thread title because the two issues are closely intertwined and make Sandstorm a repetitive, disruptive and frustrating game.

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I do think this is a central key to make the game more interesting! Just think of the increasing group / team feeling that can only exist when there is CONSISTENCY between the different matches.

I agree. It was far better in previous Insurgency and I see no reason at all that would justify keeping the current matchmaking over a map voting system:

  1. The teams stay the same, which is actually a nice aspect: you feel part of a team and the game feels more competitive, You feel more involved and focused on the objectives (with a mechanism, like in previous Insurgency, to vote for rebalancing the teams);

  2. You have a better control over the map you want to play (well, at least you can vote);

  3. You won’t connect to a match that has already begun, or worst, that is about to end;

  4. It encourages remembering on which server you are playing and keep it as a favourite (for the custom maps -that will arrive soon I hope-, the usual players etc).

Hope this point is in the roadmap of the devs.


I like this idea.

I think that it also would be necessary to restrict the maps that can be voted for, when the current match ends.

For example:
The last or 2 last maps that were played can´t been chosen again.

Just to avoid that people always vote for the same map.

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The party mechanic needs some love.

There should be something analogous to the Overwatch "Vote to stay as a team" option in the end-round screen.

It's so rare to find a good team that communicates and plays their role, which makes the next map all the worse when I'm back in with lone-wolfing goons.

I actually wanted to bump this one.

Yes please! Current system sucks balls.

Especially because people are opening thread after thread considering this very business.

I never cared if I joined a match that was over I always get a ton of free xp. But I see the problem. I would argue if 3 or more points are taken then close that match many groups get formed then? How often does the server group get a chance to fill up. I like the queue system it needs to stay but having a server browser with NWI servers listed is nice. I guess in short the old system was better.

EDIT - I miss being able to right click to see who was in the server. That was HUGE for me.

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