Brilliant game ! look out money spinning developers

Great game, i love it as do the Clan. The big boys need to learn a lesson in how to make a Gamer's game, this game will be that lesson. Less bunny hoping, less Crates of useless crap , screw the in game purchases . Nice one , finally a proper game with good mechanics. Long may it succeed. would be good to have
an option to add Clan tags in game 🙂

@machomeccano Lol I’m sure the AAA’s are shakin...

@planetcanada you see salty AF toward this game for some reason?

@fastrax Very salty! Your clearly new here and I care not to dispute things you obviously do not understand... All I will say is this game is a far cry from what Insurgency was and that this game will in no way shape or form scare any triple A game/devs/studios. Do some research this game is/has only lost people/traction... I was lied too from the very beginning when I pre-ordered and I’ve been through his before with others and have already gone back on my word not to discuss this further with you... Very salty indeed. Had nothing but high hopes. Pre-ordered two copies. Told most of my friends who all no longer play for quite sometime. I have one friend who still plays Insurgency 2014 despite still being on the source engine as opposed to unreal. I will no longer defend this game.

@fastrax One more thing. I’ll do a little research for ya! “Over 500,000 copies sold”. The odd time I log on (just to get pissed off after one maybe two matches and quit) there’s 1000 people playing and usually this is at a peak player time...