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Hello Survivors,

We’ve got some exciting news for you! We’re thrilled to unveil the next playable map in World War Z. Watch our brand new “Stories In Tokyo” gameplay trailer, and travel to Tokyo, where hordes of zombies will ambush survivors through narrow streets and dense urban jungles, battling players right up to the edge of the sea.

The Tokyo map will feature two missions available in a free update at launch, with a bonus mission arriving as free DLC shortly after release.

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“We’ve had such a positive response to the content that we decided to expand the core game and make four episodes spanning eleven levels available at launch, ” said Matthew Karch, CEO of Saber Interactive.


Powered by Saber’s dynamic Swarm Engine, World War Z unleashes hundreds of fast-moving, bloodthirsty zombies – able to move and strike as one collective herd as well as break off into individual attackers – at a time on players. Choose from six distinct classes and an arsenal of deadly weapons, explosives, turrets, and traps. Outlive the dead through intense four-player co-op campaign missions around the world, including New York, Jerusalem, Moscow, and Tokyo, and battle both zombies and real human opponents in competitive, team-based Players vs. Players vs. Zombies (PvPvZ) multiplayer.

World War Z is available to pre-order now on all platforms digitally and at retail in North America at All pre-orders come with the free Lobo Weapon Pack, featuring three golden weapon skins and the dual-bladed Lobo spade.

#OutliveTheDead around the world on April 16 as World War Z releases on PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC via the Epic Games store. Visit for more information!

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