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Greetings Farmers!

We’re excited to announce Farming Simulator 19’s first paid DLC, the Anderson Group Equipment Pack is out today! With its various additions and equipment focusing on baling from the titular manufacture, it’s time to vary your farming experience!

This DLC is part of Season Pass on consoles.

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Farm like never before! After months of free updates since release, Farming Simulator 19 is expanding even further with its first paid DLC, improving processes for farming animals, and giving you more options on your farm. Choose what suits you best, and complement your own farming journey!

Bale like never before! The Anderson Group Equipment Pack, bringing various tools in-game and focusing on baling, gives you new options in how to make and store your own bales. Try these new types of bale and new tools, and live a different farming experience!

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We can’t wait to keep building upon and improving the best Farming Simulator experience ever as we continue to release new content for Farming Simulator 19.

See you in-game!

The Farming Simulator Team

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