The Truth Behind Spintires

@zamal remember that @pavel is the lead developer in this game be prepared to see bad choices all over the place we called it back in the day "Spintires Sh*t"

@8up-local nice, i wish i had internet on my big pc to try it out, ill wait for videos from players

@forces he is? Hows that work, how can he work on both projects simultaneously? I thought MR and SP were arch nemesis of each others

@zamal how they can be anemies if they share the same game engine and have the same dev, if anybody undestand this game the best if pavel himself, i mean its full of misspelled word in the code, some parts dont even make sense, for another dev to take over the game it would take him quite some time to fully know this game for sure, and also how come if its another dev, that the shaders of the new update are the same of MR?? btw the rain thing its draconus code (dont quote me on that because im not a 100% sure about it but it looks just like his looked like and he was asked a long time ago by the admins and oovee members to code it)

@forces i dont know im just confused how can there be 2 games with 2 different name and same engine same developer and be produced at the same time, so is pavel running back and fort between OOVEE and SABER? or what are you saying

have you ver readed oovee forums at all??
pavel made Spintires and then out of spintires he made Spintires a Mud runner game ei Mud runner
same game same engine diferent shaders (till now, now Spintires uses the Shaders from Mud runner)
he must be the working both games because they have the same stuff on both versions now, he isnt the only dev of the game, he has now a team for Mud runner and Spintires keep that in mind, being the Lead dev doesnt mean you do everything on both games, why i say this because all the trucks from the dlc are coded wrong, like a mod made by a new user, if it was pavel a single dev, the code on them would have been the right ones and animations too, because if you check the H1 suspension, its animated like a single axle and not like the Maz wich is made like a independet suspension (wich both have in common)

@forces no i get this that he made original demo, then made spintires 2014 with oovee and then moved on with saber to make mudrunner but i doubt hes working on oovee spintires alongside with saber mudrunner 2 at this very moment, i mean do contracts allow this kinda stuff? i doubt it.

did u see their last rant? they shut down pavel so hard, oovee wants nothing to do with him XD i think

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@zamal Pavel has nothing to do with the development of Spintires from OOVEE at the moment. It is absolutely accurate. Judging by the quality of the latest OOVEE's update - it looks like the work of the modder, but not the work of the developer.

@dvoryaninoff i would think so too, it just doesnt make sense that he would work for both at the same time...

its like working for Pepsi and Coce at the same time, world doesnt work like that...... xD

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localhost is updating ST now;

I remember Pavel saying that he didn't sell the source code to Oovee so I'm wondering how they're updating the game without it. If true, it seems to me that they'd have to hack it and dunno how far they could go with it. I don't program so dunno.

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@8up-local said in The Truth Behind Spintires:

looks like they just dropped a new public beta for testing and feedback.

ST 10.04.19m beta

Changelog (v10.04.19m)

But you need a code to access the beta.
Or did i miss something?

@alpscruiser no code needed, just go to your Properties Beta tab and select the (public beta-build v10.04.19m).

also make sure to clean your cache. 😉

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seems like this is still a thing. i wonder who the fella is now that is taking action against spintires (oovee) on steam? seems someone (word is a russian fella) has/had filed a claim of some sort against the game/oovee. i do not know the details, but something happened for sure. i am not even sure if oovee knows who it is at the moment that has filed a claim.

wish this soap opera would come to an end so both games can continue keep moving, but i guess not everyone is happy with things still.

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Wow i didn't knew that, just found out because the new spintires update Chernobyl drops on the 13th. what do i do know? do i support both games or should i only support one and if so which one?
First things i read on both forums are both bashing each other.