Hotfix 01/04/2019


Greetings, Admirals!

We released our third post-launch update towards the end of last month. We’ve been focusing on monitoring your feedback and suggestions over the past couple of weeks. Today we’re releasing a hotfix that addresses some issues.

You can find the changelog below.



  • [General] Fixed an issue where deploy zones did not entirely fit the required area.
  • [MP] Fixed a rare crash when playing against Tyranids.
  • [Balancing] The cooldown of Ordnance skills will now be activated once used. The skill will not be usable until the return of the first Ordnance group.


  • Fixed an issue sending players back to the main menu in the endgame of a co-op campaign in some rare cases.


  • Fixed a crash at launch linked with monitor displayed in some rare cases.

The Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 Team

"[Balancing] The cooldown of Ordnance skills will now be activated once used. The skill will not be usable until the return of the first Ordnance group."

THANK YOU. I'm not sure why we went there in the first place, but it's good to see that fixed.

Nice Fix to Ordnance. Really appreciated it. Hopefully with this next patch Ordnance and carriers could get some love taps.

Just be sure to balance Ordnance and carriers by a Faction to faction basis and id prefer smaller buffs than major ones any day. Broad Balance Changes wont cut it for this issue Cause there are quite a few factions that reap alot of benifits from ordnance.

Preciate the work. Good Luck.

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@torgen im pretty sure tge next patch will focus on lances and ordnance givin the lil uproar coming from chaos players xD

Patch 3: "Shadow Field starts to decrease after 2 sec of no-max speed" - Still not working. Please fix.

The necron carrier still has a descriptor claiming it has assault boats and bombers despite not having any. Don't know why its missing said craft, because necrons canonically have them, and it uses the imperial names for them in the copy pasted descriptor, rather like the warp jump thing still being there.

We haven't gotten any feedback about why the new cruiser lacks starpulse while and the new frigate has it. The new battlecruiser has less guns and damage than the old one to, but thats a balancing thing. Any update on why this is?


Good grief, finally.
We've been roaring ever since the game release and in every patch lances got either buff-nerfed or outright nerfed.
I'm glad they listened and fixed the ordnance to the point of somewhat usability. I'd still MUCH rather have the pre-patch system or at least that when there's an ordnance in the field, then ONLY THAT type of ordnance is locked. So you could have one fighter, one bomber and one assault boat unit in the field. Preferably though the old system.
My thanks for that.

Also, when do we finally get 2vs2 AI skirmishes? That greyed out button is still teasing me, and I absolutely LOVED this game mode in the first game.

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@ahriman Yeah me and my friend would like to do CooP skirmishes but it doesnt seem to be an option. We havnt tried yet.

And yeah hopefully they individually buff lances and ordinance without causing some factions to get grossly OP because of it. Cause Im afraid if they buff ordnance on a broad scale orks and Nids and even eldar maybe will get to powerful.

I also wonder what they are gonna do with bombers. I think all of us are in the same boat when it comes to bombers being to damn slow. They cant even touch eldar fleets making Carriers vs Eldar a really bad match up.

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