Explosives randomly not working

I mainly play the demolitions class as i did with almost thousand hours of the original but im basicly giving up on explosives in sandstorm (nearly 300 hours in) because they just arent reliable.

9 times out of 10 when i throw a nade, ied, c4 or shoot a rocket into any room or space, there is still enemies alive in there.

Also when i hear a grenade land near me i just dont care because whats it gonna do? give me a damage indicator for a second? I have had countless explosives explode right next to me and nothing happened.

In the original insurgency and day of infamy the explosives were realistically deadly but that is not the case in sandstorm, however i doubt this is by design since for example the explosives particle effects are about 80% larger than their deadly blast radius.

NWI, pls fix.

Hey @Viheraho,

Do you remember on which maps you've encountered the explosives not working properly?
Thanks in advance.

@chaton Hello, i think it is all maps. But happens more when there is clutter around the blast area.

One spot you can look at is, “Mountain” (Market) at Hotel. The inside, stairs from the main room.

I’ve tried shooting an RPG into the stairs from the main bottom floor and it just turned to dust.
Not sure if it’s a range thing (like it won’t detonate at close range) or if it’s not working as intended.

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@mr-rain said in Explosives randomly not working:

Not sure if it’s a range thing (like it won’t detonate at close range) or if it’s not working as intended.

As far as I'm aware, the RPG has no minimum detonation range.

@Viheraho Do keep in mind that armor actually helps a decent amount with explosives. There's still about a six-meter lethality radius with frag grenades when wearing Heavy Armor, though.

@chaton However, I have had explosives literally two feet away from me not damage me at all. I was testing frag grenade lethality radius on the Firing Range and had maybe 4-5 instances of this happening.

I just survived an ied that was 5 meters away from me. This was at D in security push precinct. In the garage. Only thing between me and the ied was a old van.

Tried to get video from replay but it wont let me skip to the part and if i fast forward it gets bugged.

The problem might be if the explosives work like in pubg where if you cant
see them, they wont do anything.

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Quick video demostrating the problem, as i suspected the explosives wont do anyhting if you dont see them.

Youtube Video

Nice compilation !
Exactly ! Every C4 or IED detonation should kill each person which is inside the core detonation radius or at least cause severe desorientation with a long lasting tinnitus ( similar to the flashbang effect ).
In my opinion frag grenades should stay as they are or they would be overpowered ( less explosive material --> less damage).

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Maybe its because that explosive penetration is decreased.