I'm currently playing through the campaigns on hard an I have to say defensive turns take entirely too long to complete.
Auto complete can help, but with the number of approx 3600 point attacks to be defended the casualties pile up very fast. This leads one to try and play through 3-4 3600 pt missions back to back with no option to save in between. Should you lose a key character or asset in defensive engagement 3 or 4 your back to square one. Considering each game is between 15 to 25 minutes I'm currently struggling to get through a single defensive turn in what free time I have. Heaven forbid something should go wrong and I need to restart! Any chance of the option to save in between defensive battles?

On a lesser note, call to arms cancels burn retros. This often results in a ship I have moved into a gas cloud or asteroid field for safe keeping wandering about to its inevitable destruction.

Thanks for your time.

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