Void whales.

I have a very good computer, MSI, 1060s, and 32gb of ram.

I can max almost anything atm. I think it's Representative of most game players atm, it's top specs from a few years ago, unless you had the money a new top specs build from 5 years ago, this is basicly similar to what you have.

It knocks the game out fo the park.

Then void whales. Cool, nice. then the void whales start dying, and they keep coming, and my system TANKS. Les than a frame a second.

Look at that mini-map. That is packed, those are the ones still living. Not only that, whales off the map took a long time to de-spawn.

I can run hitman 2 at max, I can run steep, Total war, frostpunk at max.

This level/event type, is overly taxing, it needs optimized or fewer whales, have the excess bodies float off the map, or lower the density of the shoal.

This is the only performance issue I've had so far.


Thank you for the feedback ! This issue has been reported to the dev team.