---------- WCKD Gaming ----------

We're still looking for active members of all time zones. If you want a great community with fun and friendly players to play with, look no further!

Discord link: (open in web address bar) https://discord.me/wckd

What we value:

⚪ Dedication
⚪ Friendly
⚪ Helpful
⚪ Active
⚪ Strong communication
⚪ Desire to have fun within a community / team setting
⚪ Players who exhibit maturity and integrity

What we offer:

⚪ Friendly environment
⚪ Shenanigans (because who doesn't love some random shenanigans)
⚪ Enjoyable experiences
⚪ Active players across multiple games
⚪ Game giveaways (thanks to those who make donations)
⚪ Streamers and streambot to announce if you are doing so (helps draw you a crowd)
⚪ Helpful members who have no issue giving a hand
⚪ Anti-religious and anti-political chat
⚪ Teams! (We have dedicated teams and random teams, looking to build more!)
⚪ Discord that is active and enjoyable
⚪ Leadership that takes care of any issues that may arise
⚪ Anti-cheating community/team -- If you cheat, you are banned for life. NO EXCEPTIONS!

If you think this is a great fit for you or you just want to hang out and get a feel for us, please come on in and enjoy yourselves. We don't bite.... unless you're into the sort of thing.
Any questions or concerns? Feel free to PM me on here.