Competive season 1 but no replays??

First, let me say that I love the idea of the competitive season, it's a great idea as the game is well suited to it and it helps keep the mp community going.

But it strikes me as mind-boggling that there is still no replay system as this goes in hand in hand with any competitive scene in gaming, can anyone name me a game that has a thriving competitive scene without replays and people casting them because I can't think of one. A replay system would not only give a good area for finding and discussing new strats and getting invested in the game but also allow content creators to bring in new players. I have seen multiple content creators drop this game over time with a few i know fairly well such as Janet on occasion, who had videos going over 150k views and actually really enjoyed the game however without a replay system making content was to time consuming/ exhausting with mp matches needing to be casted as he was playing them which considering with any RTS finding a match worthwhile can take all night you can see the issue when other games are just easier to do. This will also bring more players to mp as I always notice after a content players put out a vid that gets a bunch of views the player base spikes and mp desperately needs that atm as the player base is small.

Absolutely love this game and think the dev team have done an overall stellar job but a few things like this need to be added to complete the game.
We have some of the few YouTubers who still cover this game desperate for this change and arguably the largest AirsickHydra has stated that he would love to host community casts and tournaments for free which would be such a good thing for the game to have:

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He is not wrong. Replays or at least spectating would be a major boost.

A suggestion for a start would be allow for players to join custom games as observers. A 2v2 setup but for a 1v1 game where the other two players not participating in the fight are considered observers. Observers would be able to join and watch the game but would not have a fleet. Then you could at least get some people in to watch and record the game.

Indeed. The game is gorgeous, but the lack of replay/spectator hinder the ability for gamers and content creators to enjoy and take advantage of the great work done by the modelers and the rest of the team. The pacing of multiplayer matches and the lack of custom lobbies make it hard for people to get beauty shots or enjoy the aesthetics without compromising the winnability of the match, or being able to create narrative-driven content, such as using the game to create in-engine cinematics and stories. And for the spectator mode, it would incredibly boost the ability of competitive enthusiasts to enjoy, analyze and provide more depth to a great game.

will say that total war has a live stream for its yearly comp and its got over 3k viewing live with the top content creators casting, just goes to show what a good relationship between game makers and content creators makes.

Yeah you guys bring up alot of good points. Hopefully devs can impliment something for replays and perhaps even an observer mode.

Cause the stuff to cast amazing games is in the bones of BFGA 2 cause i have had some really good games with people and it is suprisingly easy to follow and doesnt require nearly as much understanding as games like SC

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@canned_f3tus hoping this thread gets enough upvotes (hint, hint XD) to gain their attention and get them to take it seriously as I have been arguing for this since release, think we all want this game to do well and get a good player base but no matter how good a game is without support of content creators I personly don't think any game will do that well these days.

@sn1percat i upvoted. And i added on to my post.

I assumed replays was going to be in the full release version back when playing the beta, its just a feature you come to expect in games like this, but the devs were silent back then, and yeah silent now. I guess their game is under some sort of limitation or something, because why wouldn't you add something in that would improve the game as a whole.

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example of how the observer mode/ replay system and good relationship with content creators works well in total war

would be nice for some feedback from the team with something concrete i.e. if they are going to do this or not and if so a rough timescale (don't mind if its a very rough time scale and things take a bit longer but an idea would be nice)

@Jellyfoosh we even have who I would say is the top youtuber (AirsickHydra)who still plays talking about the issue please guys take heed and take advantage the guys offering to do tournament and community casts for free and that's much more engaging than playing in a vacuum and trying to climb a ladder: Youtube Video

If I am recalling correctly, valrak did a cinematic battle between orks and imperials, so for now you could ask him how he did that. A mod might work, but I think easy anti-cheat might block it in multiplayer.

But yeah, here’s my obligatory I support this post.

@nemesor-xanxas did it by working with someone to do a staged cinematic mate not a proper 1v1 fight XD

@sn1percat well that’s one way blocked. I heard there was someone working on a mod for the game awhile back, did anything ever come of it?

Edit: Since I’m here anyways does anyone know how to recall strike craft? I tried spamming/pressing the skill button but all that happened was nothing most of the time but once it got off the ship I threw them at and went some distance away to circle in place and after some more pressing the button they jumped back on the ship.

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@nemesor-xanxas not been up to date on the mod end but I have not heard anything about a reply feature for that but regardless this is a very basic and fundamental feature of rts games and mod support should not be the thing to attempt to fix this, I can not remember the last rts where both observer and replay modes where missing as I remember games even over 10 years ago had this feature and as such some of those like supreme commander forged alliance still have a competitive scene and mod support and if memory serves even age of empires 2 had a replay feature and that was 20 years ago (jeeze that takes me back).

To answer the irrelevant question XD it's the recall button somewhere on the far right of the toolbar, I have not had any issues as my stuff seems to return straight to the carrier every time.

@karaya-1 i can see how spectator cameras can be abused of by having a friend spectate the enemy and telling the player of his oponents moves. this could be very detrimental to stealth based fleets.

@kilroywh78 easy to stop that with a delay or no spectators in ranked which still allows content makers to do stuff in non ranked

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@sn1percat Well, I never played AoE but the first 40k game I played was DoW, which was released 15years ish ago now and that had a replay and observer option. Also oh god that was 15 years ago I feel really old now. But yeah that really should have been in at launch, but as with most 40k things I am always ready for disappointment.