Are people playing?

I have played this game and absolutely LOVE it!!! But it was so hard to get matches. I'm not going to buy it unless I can play it. Are people playing?

I can agree, on the fact the the game is good, but by the looks of it the developers have given up and said '' yeah, we failed''. I would like to see this game to be a successful one, but in order for it to be one, the devs have to keep working hard and keep resolving issues!

I play 3-5 days a week and could not agree more. Love the game, yeah there are some glitches, but it appears that there was little to no push for this game when it comes to advertising. Do another free week with half off and really promote it in the STEAM community and online. There are many of us who would love to kill something other than the bots. Speaking of glitches. I am posting the wolf total in a match that Mantra and I found a glitch for.0_1554762674432_20190404222255_1.jpg 0_1554762802062_download copy.jpg

Buy it! I try to play every night. Get in here so I can stop hunting all the wolves.![alt text]

Yeah, the devs must drop a big update and start advertising like crazy... It is their only chance to make this game the dream game it is supposed to be!

hello guys,

i really love this game

I play this game many times ,but i can face many difficulties to get matches.

if any one know how to fix this problem so please reply me.

thanks in advance