Why are some countries not eligible for entry?

I'm from Baghdad, Iraq and I KNOW i can't win against some of the cheesiest builds i've fought against as Chaos(Chaos being one of the less competitive factions due to lack of any burst damage and stuff aside from speed and decent weapons) but why is my country not on the list of acceptable countries? Is is for fear that some ISIS member is playing this game and somehow manages to win the tournament just to blow himself up when he goes to Warhammer fest?

Oh and btw Qatar and Israel are in for some reason... alt text

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Hi @40ktallarner-0

Some countries have laws which make having players there competing very complicated to organise from a legal point of view. It seems Iraq is one of these countries. Sorry I can't do more to help, we of course want as many people to join the competitive seasons as possible.

@jellyfoosh I see.... Well, thanks for the reply...

Haha. I thought this post was funny but i doubt it has anything to do with the possible reasons you brought up.

I doubt an ISIS member is much involved in gaming. If they want to blow up Warhammer fest they can do it without having to win a tournament.

@canned_f3tus that would be one hell of a story

ISIS members practice playing this game in order to win the competitive season just so they can blow up a warhammer fest, bringing in all of their members from around the world to be the best.

These laws also usually prevent prize rewards since it is sometimes defined as gambling. I think it is best to blame EA.