Bug - Picked up bot rifles cant reload

When you pick up a gun off the ground you can normally resupply at a ammo crate and then reload for a full clip.
When you pickup an enemy or friendly Bolt action rifle off the ground it works as intended except when reloading with resupplied ammo
You can pick up the ammo from a resupply crate but you cant reload with it.
I've tried in various scenarios to get this to work with no avail.
doesn't matter if gun is one bullet short or empty when i go to reload with ammo i have resupplied previously, it will continue loading forever without adding the additional ammo in gun per animation completion/ gun state finished loading single bullet into chamber, this causes the animation of loading the gun to never end presumably because it doesn't get to (ammo in gun => max ammo) than { animation = finish loading bolt rifle, loading = false }
or whatever you guys do in ue4.

It only has this problem with bolt action rifles, this issue doesn't appear from any other gun picked up from the ground.

I hope this helps and may this be a quick enough fix to squeeze it into your next update.

Love your game, best of luck with future development
I'm looking forward to the new maps.


I've had this exact issue. it also happens in the tutorial level and i'm assuming offline play based on that.

Hello both,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I'll pass it on to the team!