Please Allow Commanders to Remove Observers

Well, if it was like DoI and we could add a radio to the Rifleman class, I'd be fine with it as is.

Given that's not an option here, I don't think that taking Observer to get a capture bonus, while ignoring the core duties of the role, is good teamplay.

I'd be just as annoyed if someone took Gunner and went pistol only, or took Demolitions and refused to take out technicals.

The class system, for better or worse, is something that needs to be played within to have teams at full operational capacity, so taking classes that are necessary and doing your own thing is something I think would warrant stripping the role from you to give to someone who will do the job.

Maybe the fix here is to have a "tactical radio" or other gear that breachers/riflemen can carry to boost cap speed, so that we don't have to fight over the classes?

@cyoce - that is actually something that happens often.. there are two forms of trolling that occur that I havent seen in the forums. One is observers smoke the commander and force support to be called on ourselves. (smoke creates a wall that you cant call support past) or they do it to block you from calling support. I know its being done on purpose because those people who do it even after explaining in chat and in voice they get in front of me and start leaning left and right and acting dumb. then proceed to do it over and over.....throwing the smoke grenade at me at times. Another is having your observer think it's funny to always sit "just outside" the line of when you can call...they run to you then stop just when your close enough but not quite...then you try to get closer and they move again and again and again....mind you this is mostly happening in that toxic pool of trolling, rushing, tking, did I mention trolling queue that is public matches for coop. I am sorry well intended as it is....I havent had a decent match in the public queue in I dont know how long.

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