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So ive compiled this handy dandy image of some errors I would encounter frequently towards the better half of creating my previous map. I have a feeling its a distribution density issue. Simply maybe just too much stuff on the screen and the game cant take it? I dont know. The below Errors would pop up one after another, subsequently crashing the editor and would happen when rotating the camera or zooming around.

If anyone knows what causes these errors, lets talk about it.

I have suffered from the same errors and twice had to restart my last map. You can salvage the height map but that's about it from my experience. Once I stopped using the herbs distribution it stopped throwing the errors at me. I read somewhere that is was from putting the distributions on too heavy but I didn't have any problems after getting rid of the herbs distribution on my last map.

intresting,i've never seen those before, i guess theyre totally related to maps
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i was able to fix my issue with getting those errors.. here is how i did it.. in your map go into the XML file and delete all of the distributions.. you'll obliviously have to do your trees and all the distributions again but you will be able to work on your map again.. and when your placing your distributions dont max out the value, about 75 works good for me... if that doesnt work for you let us know and we will try and help you out how ever we can thanks guys

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