Agility 7 - Death Roller Break Tackle Bug

I would like to report, what I at least believe to be a Bug.
It at least seams to me that the Death Roller, which has the break tackle skill, Doges on agility 6 and not agility 7.
For reference, I recently experimented to see how effective the Death Roller is as a Cage-Buster, thus I had the Death Roller Blitz into Cages, in the process performing a dodge from a -1 tackle zone into a -3 tackle zone. For an agility 7 player, such a dodge should be a +2 dodge, however, within the Game it was a +3 dodge (which would be a agility 6 player - the math behind it: ag4 dodge from -1 to 0 is +2, ag5 dodge from -1 to -1 is +2, ag6 dodge from -1 to -2 is +2, thus -1 to -3 should be a +2 for a ag7). I also tried a comparison, by creating an Pro-Elf team and gave one player two agility status-up and the player had identical dodges requirements. In addition I also crated a Dwarf team with a Strength 9 Death Roller, which for the same dodge, with out performing an other dodges prior to this dodge (so break tackle was still available), failed due to rolling a 2 (even though theoretically speaking as an ag9 this should not have been a problem).
Thus it seams as if the game does not take an agility rolls for more than agility 6 (maybe because without break tackle agility 6 is the highest possible agility to ever apply), which technically speaking is incorrect, since there is not given restrain on the break tackle skill with respect to a given upper limit.

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As per the rules, the Agility table is for 6+, not 6, 7, 8 etc.


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Many thanks,
I fear I was unaware of this rule prior to this conversation, so thank you for clarifying this to me.