Internal Server Error- Game Missing


After winning a game last night in CCL I received an "internal server error" message at the very end; then it took longer than usual to return to the post-game breakdown screen.

This morning I see no evidence of the game being played in my team history/record- will it show up eventually?

Thank you.

Also- I just checked my opponent's team record and they have played a new game without showing the loss incurred against mine. Injuries and SPP also did not update for either team afterwards it seems like.

I have written about the exact same issue and hope to hear from Cyanide... It was of course a really good game for my team. 22spp gained, with a 4-0 victory and 2 level ups on positionals. Really hope this will be remedied since such errors really take away from the competitive league where games matters so much.

Same things. Very annoying in competitive ladder like champio's one. And for me, it was a direct conceed after internal error...

I had the same problem 4-0 win vs Alex06 Dark Elf team. 4-0 result came up, however when I went back to spend the SPP, the game didn't exist. I tried to look for Alex06 and I couldn't find any teams under that coach's name. Have I identified a cheat whereby a person can cancel their coach details first game and the server doesn't record the game because one of the coaches no longer exists? Can the game result be restored from steam or focus recordings?

In addition to my last post, my team was the Bankstown Bulldogs a Necromantic team if that helps you restore the game result.

The issue here, I finished a game yesterday and in the last TD the game displayed this "Internal Server Error". Kislev Vs skaven. My coach name is Feniel. Did you manage to fix the problem?

Did anyone get a reply for the lost games ?