editing driver skins

@riskywisky correct that part is the clasp for the hat (part in the middle of the camo), but part of the other gold (top right of texture image, which you can not see ingame on the driver) is what i am going to say is a belt buckle and the rest of the other gold is for a watch (notice the hour marks and hands). also the brown watch strap below the watch face.

alt text


If you have an image editing program like Photoshop or Gimp, you could possibly overlay the texture for the AW driver over top of the texture for the Russian/default driver so you can visualize where each part of the texture is. Probably a crappy description of what I have in mind, but do you understand what I mean?

@mexican_420 yeah i use paint . net. i get what you are saying and that is about how i am doing it. only these meshes are what cause any real problem, making the skin fit the driver mesh decently. editing the skins/textures are easy peasy enough though.

Probably a lot of trial and error, as the default driver's head is a separate texture from the body, but the AW driver is all one texture (isn't it?)
NM, I was thinking it was a single texture just based on a glance at @Tattoo 's reference image above... 😑

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@8up-local, Yes, the clasp on the hat is in the middle of the camo, blue circle in my image. This is how the UV's are on the non-skin parts. There is no watch that I found so may be a separate add-on not included.


@tattoo right, i have never seen a watch either, but obviously it is there in the image. 🤔