Sliding is realistic but a small dive is not?

@sgt-kanyo I'll just assume you've never tried sliding with kneepads on. It doesn't hurt and on smoother grounds you can go like 25ft of a slide from a sprint. Yeah it doesn't make sense sometimes, and they need to fix the part where you don't stop sliding when hitting an object. However, slowing down the slide, an already terrible option for literally anything, is in fact a nerf...

@planetcanada if you've ever tried diving with a vest on you'd know it hurts like hell. Sure it may be an option, but it definitely shouldn't be an option in this already ridiculous and broken game

@sgt-kanyo said in Sliding is realistic but a small dive is not?:

Honestly I'd remove the sliding all together, or significantly reduce the distance travelled.
Diving isn't a quite realistic approach either. I don't think there's anyone who'd jump onto their belly from a standing point, especially with all the gear you have on and no idea what you'd be landing on. You'd greatly increase your chance to break a bone.

Something like this?
About 5 secs prone from standing (Instruction vid)
Or this?
A real life stand to prone by drop example

Would be a fine idea for lighter gear, but not heavy gear

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I wouldn't mind if people can dive as long as their hit box doesn't disappear like when sliding.