Welcome to Vault League Football!

I’m your commissioner, Morkilimus, a streamer on the Mixer platform. Currently we have almost 1k followers, but that number keeps growing!

Vault League Football (VLF) is a Blood Bowl II PC League that will soon be coming to my stream. I’m looking for a league of interesting coaches to join and participate in this awesome viewing experience.

Every game will be streamed live, so it’s important that you read and understand the rules and guidelines in place for the VLF.

  • Mixed teams are allowed
  • Team, Player, and Stadium names must be custom (not default) and appropriate
  • Because the games will be LIVE, you cannot play a league game OUTSIDE of the stream. Your game times and schedule will be emailed or dm’d to you in the team discord.
  • While my stream is 18+, I still expect every coach to conduct themselves like adults, and follow the general rules of the stream, which include: no racism, sexism, trolling, age talk, or spamming. Generally, don’t be a jerk.
  • I’ll require that each coach be available 30 minutes prior to game time to make sure all our connections are solid and everything is in working order when we go live.
  • Because we want to have a diverse group of teams and coaches, some team builds may be rejected if there are already other teams with similar builds. Let’s work together to create a unique league!
  • ABSOLUTELY NO CONCEDES before round 16, except in the rare case that half your team has died.
  • I need COMMITTED players. No quitting the league because your TV is low and you’re in last place. I really would like to not have to replace anyone with AI.
  • While experienced coaches are welcome, I’d prefer matches be interesting rather than pure kill teams. Let’s try to get creative and fun with our builds and team names!

If you are interested in joining the VLF, please respond here, or send me an email at MORKILIMUS@GMAIL.COM. Remember, you will be playing live, in front of an audience.