The Great Fantastical Thread of Magical Map-ideas & concepts!

The title is a bit of a joke, but figured it might as well be made, and what is this "it"?
It is a thread where everyone can pitch in for map-creation ideas and concepts for possible future maps and associated modes, for community members (as well as devs) to make maps for the game in the future!

Everything goes, be it via text, drawings in paint, photoshop/gimp, or straight up made in the Unreal Engine 4 editor!
The more the merrier! Big or small, we love 'em all! 😉

Just to start it off with a simple one as an example of how basic it can be, I'll do one via using just text.

***"Nightmare Street"***, "Operation Thrusting Bayonet" or "Operation Molten Glacier" (name ideas)

  • Long city street
  • Buildings on both sides (allowing for objectives, caches, etc to be inside)
  • Pedestrian bridges for setting up defenses or just to have concealment when crossing (for reference, image from BF3's singleplayer)
  • Varied elevations from buildings and crossing-bridges
  • Wide variety of buildings for different types of objectives and different internal combat gameplay, some with parking areas and yards for different risk-dynamics (i.e; cars blowing up risk factor but also plenty of "cover" be it risky and temporary possibly)
  • Some tight backstreets with more risky paths to take, less open but more ambush possibilities
  • Possible areas having received airstrikes changing the dynamic of the given area (be it via craters and whatnot)
  • Opens up for adding game modes where you have to escort a vehicle to the end (i.e; a tank or APC)
  • Different variants of the same map possible, "v1", "v2", "v3" varying states of the same map, pre-conflict, during air-assault, post air-assault. Allowing for new modes with "multi-day fights", so it feels like you're in a combat-zone that's progressively getting worse.

a few images for context of style

This is just one example of a concept idea, with included ideas for possible new modes and "campaign"-style gameplay for such a map, but much more than just that.. I want to see what the community can drum up, and if we can actually make those ideas and concepts take shape in form of something more fully fledged etc.
This is to welcome ideas and we need also to light a fire under the ass of the community to work for common goals, so we have as many ideas ready for when the workshop comes as well as for the devs to take inspiration from!

Maybe some of you already have some concepts in your mind, maybe you have some movies you like the plot of and would like to see take shape in sandstorm, whatever it may be, go ahead and conceptualize it! Maybe your idea gives others ideas, maybe they give you some! Hopefully the devs release a SDK with assets so the community can make stuff even faster.

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  • More training maps such as ones you see in CSGO which challenge your aim. More advanced than the range map in Sand.
  • Practical night maps
  • Apocalypse inspired maps: Ruins, rundown skyscrapers, dilapidated shak in forest, crashed plane
  • Inside big transports? Submarines, ships?
  • Military bases? Underground? Secret base
  • WIP thinking of more

Perhaps we can find more ideas/inspiration from sources like the following below from the classic INS.workshop, searching on the most popular maps for each gamemode

Real-life environments

P.S. I also mentioned your thread here

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@divine-heroine said in The Great Fantastical Thread of Magical Map-ideas & concepts!:

More training maps such as ones you see in CSGO which challenge your aim. More advanced than the range map in Sand.

Oh good idea