Review of ship Abilities

Hi Everyone,

I'd like to post my review of all the abilities of the races and how I rate them. The purpose is to bring these to the attention of newer players to help them, and to the developers who will hopefully see this and maybe hit some of these with the balancing stick.

I'm giving them a rating based of these options:
S Tier = At a competitive level, a must pick in nearly every match up. These skills far exceed the usefulness of others that you could select.
A Tier = Very good upgrades that are rarely if ever a bad choice. Still overshadowed by the S tier, but they won't feel like wasted upgrades
B Tier = Usually ok upgrades that are usually felt, but often heavily dependent on the match up.
C Tier = Highly situational, but useful in those circumstances. Or just meh but not the worst.
garabage = These skills just need to be removed from the game, or completely reworked.

As always if you see that I've misinterpreted something on an upgrade or just think I'm insane, please do discuss it.


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Some input from me.

Drukhari's Dark Matter Cannon is 25% slow, not 75.

Drool Cannon lasts 4 seconds, so 4 fires max (info may be outdated, I haven't used it after 2nd update)

Tau Railgun. I'm fairly sure it's 300 damage and tooltip is just being wrong.

And finally, Micro Warp Jump. I understand that you aren't using fleets this ability fits into but as player that abuses it regularly/plays against top players that use it to its full potential I can say it. Specifically for fleets with Retribution/BattleBarge/Voidstalker it's S+ no jokes.

Not because it's an instant get-out-of-jail free card. Not because it allows you to bait/punish poor positioning (better say not defensive enough because there isn't really good position against a fleet with MWJ). Not because said above nowadays also comes with 1-2 free capture points thanks to new capture speed.

It's because 4 charges of map-wide teleport make MWJ flagship virtually untouchable. It's simply not worth to invest time/efforts to catch it, and the most common strategy against it is to force an engagement with the rest of the fleet so flagship will have to use aggressive jump. It still gives positional and timing advantage to your opponent but is as good as you can get it.

Obviously said above only applies to battles where one side has MWJ and other does not. Also this excludes cases where fleet without MWJ has good defensive position with 3-4 points being close to each other, so overall rating isn't really mistaken BUT all above was necessary to mention, especially nowadays where feedback is hard to come by.

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Checking in for the Chaos feedback:

Bloodletter party - 10 stacks of boarding charges but the range is small, just 4500. Works best imo with a battleship or a Retaliator for maximum boarding charges. Problem is if you get the ship in the position to use the skill, chances are very high you will not get the chance to use it a 2nd time as Chaos are not fit for close quarters slugging so it goes best with a warpjump to get away after nuking a ship. 22 possible stacks from just one ship means Call to arms is needed to mitigate damage so 1 enemy ship will under-performing severely for quite a time.
My rating is B.

Tzeench Cloud - Can hide you whole firing line but 1 lone escort or lucky probe will ruin it. Being clumped together also makes it easy to be targeted with AoE. Requires Emission Disipater for maximum efficiency.
My Rating is C.

Slaanesh songy - 5 seconds of disabled ships(including turrets) in a cone 4500 away from your flagship is another situation where many chaos ships don't fare too well. Very situational now with such a low duration. It was 10 seconds before nerf iirc, and it proved too much. With 5 seconds at your disposal it seems like it would work best with carriers or a slaughter brigade.
My rating is C.

Nurgle one - Similar to your description of Scarab Swarm for Necrons. Can turn a group of Repulsives or other Chaos macro boats into a deadly bunch that will be hard to down. Good skill to have when it's time to stop kiting and deliver a finishing hit for maximum use.
My rating is A

Hey! This is some excellent feedback. Thank you so much for putting in the time to do this @Myridus! I'm passing this along to the dev team. 🙂

I feel like Auger Disruptor Bomb also needs to disable escort scanners for a short time.

drool cannon has a max of 5 instead of 4
as the first is instant
but its really hard to pull off applying all of them and makes your synapse really vulnerable vs enemy rams as nids are some of the worst factions against ramming

venom shard is pretty great as impalers hulk a lot of ships already and atleast take out engines
so the bomb is a great way to kill of recrewed ships without having to waste one of the limited teleport or impaler charges

plasma bomb is also better then you might think as its full ap damage
great vs necrons if they jump in, cairns will suffer

also, disruption bomb vs nids makes it amazing
nids dont have guns so disruption bombing yourself doesnt matter
but disruption bombing nids takes off most of their damage and all their turrets too
and as jaw nids need to use rush to attack they literally hav no way to escape a self focused disruption bomb

funny thing about spore cloud with pressure spines, especially vs carriers
it has ID range but no scanner range, so you can hide from spore cloud detection inside the spore cloud

biomorph wrecking ball also doesnt ignore armor