I am done with this game

I am so tired of a nade from no-where killing me, deaths thu walls, shots from nowhere - give us the choice of a kill cam while we sit and wonder wtf just happened and where did that come from

Also went from 3 stars to 2 stars on last update, noob programmers

You can replay the games moment by moment from the main menu. Pause, look through anyone's view, free roam, speed or slow down time, and follow anything you want. Just go into your match history and click on it.

"History" (aka Replay) is half-baked atm as jumping to the moment of interest is currently unavailable most of the time.

    1. It works only when the status of footage is not ***"LIVE"***, meaning it contains the full length of the session.
    1. most of the time footages tagged "LIVE" won't show you anything more than a couple of minutes, where you might not even joined the fun.

If you have Nvidia card, use Shadowplay, a viable alternative until proper killcam support arrives (with a big IF). In some cases it might help you find out wtf happened, provided luck favors you this time.

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thanks match history doesnt work for me either, I will try shadow play but if these kil nades and kil shots are still coming from nowhere fk this game

Sounds like hardcore shooters are not for you, because in this game

  1. You can shoot through walls
  2. Shit does not fly outta no where, there is a replay system in place.
  3. In a hardcore shooter you can suppress fire on players and this game definitely makes you back off rather than push forward like some COD game

Insurgency is amazing

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Kill cam in this game no thanks guys camping a corner picking off noobs, he kills you, you see the kill cam you respawn so you just approach him from a different angle and shoot them in the back of the head. Wouldn’t work at all.

@KahleKingzTV I also wrote something like "I'm done with this game" at lvl 220, now reached 300. This game is still unbeatable in terms of fun, despite it's apparent bugs. Makes other games completely obsolete. I just want the bugs to be ironed out at some point, no bashing intended for the devs. They've made a very good job so far, kudos to them. But let's make this game even better!

update 22.06.2019

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It's almost like grenades have a large AOE, meaning it can on the other side of the room and still kill you. This isn't call of duty.