some sort of presentation?

u guys should release some kind of video explaining everything, like demo showcase talk about new features and whats planned for mr2. is it gonna take truck simulator route or stay true to its original formula which is hardcore off-roading. maybe how much time are we looking at till its released? overall conclusion gettng to know mr2 better, cause besides those 4-5 screenshots its thick fog out here on forum XD

and also will it have russian side of content liek original? or just focusing on US? maybe canada? IDK tell us something...

Here's my theory:
I think the base game will be set in America (as in the Continent), with maybe 6 or so maps, and I'd say 7 Tractor-Trucks and 4 4x4s, and we'll get a "Soviet Russia" DLC two weeks after release, including the previous content, The Ridge and The Valley.
But remember: This isn't insider information, it's just speculation.