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@unster Oh, that Unreal Engine vacancy has been there since the beginning of time. lol. I remember I saw it back in 2016 when the game was abbandoned and I though they stopped updating it because they were working on (probably) a secuel made in UE.

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@deathcoreboy1 Sounds like Oovee needs an actual programmer. Man if I was jobless I might be interested, if the pay is good. But not ready to quit my job to work for what sounds like a startup, even if they're not really new.

Isn't it funny that we are discussing Oovee and ST instead of MR2 here? Goes to show what happens when Focus ignores us. I still don't understand why they can't even post a message about the event last week.

It's not just Focus though, pretty much all companies are like this now. 2K, Rockstar, Bethesda, almost everyone.

I've been wondering about this and I wonder if game dev's silence these days is a move done on purpose, so people temper their expectations, don't take things out of context and don't hold game series to a to high of a demanding standard.

Last time I remember a game really getting hyped, and not just a trailer and little trickles of info, but really get like big time hype was that space game that came out a few years back. I forget the name of it but I'm sure you guys remember it basically offering a endless universe to explore, countless planets to document, infinite species to learn about. It was this next great leap in procedural generated content. Then the game came out, never came remotely close to living up to all the hype, and it bombed big time.

Could be dev's don't want to risk that same thing happening to them. So they limit the content in leaks that go out to the public and keep things pretty much on the down low until everything is set in place and it's time to release the game.

@justinlynch3 That makes sense, except Focus kind of hyped the event, only to provide silence after the event. A bit inconsistent if you ask me, especially since they used to give the monthly community updates. I guess they have nothing additional to add other than what we already posted here.

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@justinlynch3 surely understandable that they dont want to hype it too much, since MR1 wasnt received overwhelmingly positively, but that isnt excuse for complete silence and avoidance..

at least address it somewhat like say "okay guys we have nothing to show officially at this moment, but we will be presenting game later next month or showing it off at E3" or smth....

@justinlynch3 Yup, you're talking about No Man's Sky. A friend of mine pre ordered it and ended up so disappointed.

No man's sky did get fixed eventually after a big update. I played it quite a bit after, and though it wasn't perfect, i enjoyed the crap out of it.

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@justinlynch3 Yup, you're talking about No Man's Sky. A friend of mine pre ordered it and ended up so disappointed.

Yea that's the game.

@grubdumpling yeah. no man sky has gotten much better since its launch in 16, countless DLC/updates and all of it free. i agree that they made mistake misleading everybody but i think they kinda have redeemed themselves since then.

game is pretty enjoyable right at this very moment. and i have no doubt this new update called "Beyond" will bring even more fun to the game

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@zamal i finished the quests, got all the s-class stuff and bored myself exploring... then deleted my save and gave the game to a girl I was dating. She returned it when we split and I've been thinking of starting over again, I haven't been able to get into anything lately.

Thanks for letting me know there's more coming.