Sound Drops

Other players and myself will run into a problem were the sound including in-game sound, voip sound, EVERYTHING will cut off for a small duration of time. Like 3-6 seconds of cut-off time, and it does not happen all the time but it is not uncommon. Sounds like bug?

Anyone else have this problem?

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I also experience the sound issue.

Besides that, sometimes I also experience hard stuttering (1 second frozen screen every minute or so), even in competitive matches, where my framerate is silky smooth. This last issue gets fixed after a game restart.

I'll try to record my issues to post them here.

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I have recorded the issue on video, though in this match both the sound problem and the stuttering have been shorter and less frequent than other times. I've had matches with no sound for more than 4 seconds, and stuttering every minute. Frag grenades seem to reproduce this issue sometimes.

Here's a whole 35 minutes video where you can see the issue many times:

TIMESTAMPS there might be more, but I picked some at random.
Sound issue:
4:24 | 7:45 | 9:33 | 11:14 | 16:56 | 24:16

15:17 | 0:52 | 27:13 | 26:51

Some firing flash through a wall:

Epic meme:

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This was a huge problem for me before one of the patches but what would happen is that the sound would not return for the entire duration of the game, forcing me to restart. There seems to be a temporary fix but this is still a problem when hearing VOIP.

@kahlekingztv yes, I also have this problem, but for me it only cuts off for a few seconds. Sometimes it happens once a game but I had it happen 4 times in one match.

Hello everyone!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I'll forward it to the team!

Yeah 10-30 seconds thinking about it is a little exaggerated, it was realistically more like 3-6 seconds