MR2 mod support

i am surprised this has not been brought up yet (or at least i have not seen it yet), so just what should we expect in mod support? nothing? the same as we have now? maybe also support for map making content?🤔

@8up-local I would assume it'll be the same as for ST and MR. I think that part is quite predictable which is probably why it hasn't been brought up.

Of course, I do not want it to be the same as now. I would like the console players also to have access to mods 🙂

@unster said in MR2 mod support:

I think that part is quite predictable which is probably why it hasn't been brought up.


same as before.

we could bring up console mods but meh... that aint happening xd

well, my point is really to see if more editor support might be added, if any changes will be made, if so then what exactly and also because it does not hurt to ask. 😉

And a option to convert mods from MR to MR2 would be nice if possible ofcourse.

how could we forget? with the new customization feature how will that work exactly with mods? just little things i am sure some might be curious about.

well one thing is solved 😃 no more having 4-5 same models in menu for different colored trucks

@8up-local Not sure the devs, let alone the publisher, could give you exact answers at this time. Most likely those things are still being developed or tweaked.

true, but still though they should have some idea as to where they will be going with things. i am sure everyone has questions and they will answer all they can at some point.

Is still early to talk about modding , we don't have a release date yet , a french website says that the game will release "before april 2020" ...

na, never too early imo. would rather start talking about things too early, than too late. 😉

Loos like they are throwing more funding at Mudrunner 2 with continued use of licensed vehicles and the visual upgrades, anybody think this is finally the game where console mods could happen?

My only concern is Sony. Going by what happened with Bethesda in the past, Microsoft seems pretty open to mods. I think we could have XBOX mods if the devs wanted it. But from what remember it's Sony that's really making it a bitch to get mods on console.

So getting Sony onboard is my biggest worry.

Let's just take a guess here, most likely the editor will be the same with some minor changes (like o.g spintires to mudrunner.) With trucks, my guess is some code additions, but nothing major. Idk.