Some Unresolved Bugs

So quick listing of the bugs I still get:

  • If someone leaves group during queue and the leader does not requeue, the matchmaker appears to think the group size is the same as when the queueing was started. This leads to stuff like 9/10 of players coming to game and game getting cancelled.

  • Replay playing is really buggy. Sometimes rewinding doesn't work at all. After speeding up for a while, everything tends to break in really interesting ways.

  • Sometimes when switching weapons with the mouse wheel, you can not actually use the weapon you selected without rolling down once. Say, you go up, select rifle, can't shoot, roll down once, and you can use it now. Often you can then shoot a rifle but not throw a grenade (it does the throw animation but the grenade does not get thrown).

  • People are still sometimes spawned in the middle of the map (or not returned to their position after the pre-match warmup).

  • Dedicated community servers start to take more and more performance the longer they are on. Servers have to be frequently restarted to work well. This is super annoying for trying to set up PUGs and scrims.

  • Sometimes walking animation does not play and guys are just floating around.

  • Sometimes people clip in sight when they are crossing corners; like, when an enemy is half way over a corner they just suddenly render there for the first time. It feels like some sort of occlusion culling scheme is not updating fast enough.

  • Sometimes when someone speaks in voice, all sounds stop working for a while, including e.g. footsteps.

  • Third person and first person models are not synced. There's lots of situations where you can only see like an inch of someone's head but they can shoot you clearly.

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This thing:

alt text

And yes, it affected the enemy team too. Came and went randomly whole game. Some rounds it happened, some not.

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