JT Gladiator

Figured I would make yall boys mouth water with this project im working on. No where near complete, just got into editor today, have more modeling, textures, etc to do.



Sitting on 42in stickies, full hydrosteer, 4linked. May lower the lift some idk.

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Looks good man, tyres seem super beefy

@nokadota Yeah they do, and thanks man, they are probably bigger then 42s, just basing this off maxs measure tool, most likely off when put in game. I may scale down some for final build. Like I said it’s a wip, and I’ll post progress photos here as it comes along!


Terminator has the trail rig and I've got the stockish version lol,

@Xofroggy i just realized we went with similar colors. We should take them trailing on stream or something if this beast will get in mp

Those are two really good looking rigs rite there. Cant wait it'll give me a reason to play again.



Stock 07 JK Rubi i just finished a while ago, well not truely finished but it is minty too.

Nice.. Like the color.

the gladiators are gonna be the best jeeps out here lol can never have too many jeeps

Been a while. Have got a lot done to Gladiator. This build is being centered around, or "sponsored" if you will, by Artec Industries, therefore there are alot of Artec parts on the build. Artec Nighthawk JL front bumper, Artec axles, sliders, custom beadlocks. Also modeled and added a Warn Zeon winch, which looks sick. Still more to do, but just checking in. Im still around.



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