Pre-Ordered but lobo weapon pack is still locked???

I pre ordered this game, I’m able to play it but the lobo weapon pack is still locked for me? What’s going on?

Hey @missmia
Is the lobo weapon pack still locked for you?

@jellyfoosh Hello my Pre-Order weapon lobo pack is also locked for me on PS4 what do I do?

Just bought game and lobo pack on PS4 but lobo bundle weapons appear locked on the customization screen

Any way to fix this issue? Thanks in advance

I preordered the game too and my lobo pack skins are still locked

Same here with preorderd lobo pack, ps4 locked...

Hey @missmia @SlugFingers @Mrwelshblood @Myllymaki123 @Bojo0909
Playstation didn't activate the pack everywhere yet: don't worry too much about it. You'll be able to access it once it's done!
Sorry for the inconvenience, hope you're having a blast playing the game though!

Even me. I pre-ordered the game, i didn't get the code for that lobo pack..

@raibi The game is awesome. Was wondering if we are getting a chapter 3 for the japan campaing?

@Raibi i pre-ordered the game on amazon but i didn't get the code what do i do?

@jellyfoosh not anymore after the one patch that was for PS4 it showed up finally! But sometimes it’s switches from the lobo pack weapons to the ones you unlock in game it’s weird