Game Crashes To Desktop PC

Just an update: Hotfix is released, try updating to 1.02 to see if it's all good

@scream2020 @wwzchewy @idntrmmbr as @KiDdYoNe pointed out, the hotfix is out now 🙂 Feel free to keep us updated and notify us if there's a new issue.

I've spent the past two days looking for a fix for the constant crashing about 2-5 minutes into game play. I've sent at least 80 crash dumps. I've tried different Nvidia drivers as well as the Nvidia control panel settings; nothing fixes these game freezes and crashing. The game benchmark also freezes then exits to my desktop. All of my other games work with no issues.
This is a huge disappointment! This game should have been delayed by two months to fix all of these bugs!

@zombie123 have you tried to cleaning up Vulkan stuff with AMD Clean Up?

If so, please add a DxDiag and Crash Dump to your next message. You can find crash dumps here: C:\Users*username *\AppData\Local\Saber\CrashDump.dmp

That's not going to do anything. I have an Nvidia 1080ti. How do I get a refund? I see patch 1.06 was just released and it did not fix the constant crashing. You guys need a real quality control team to test your games. This is unacceptable!

me too.
Identifier: ea2e9b79-7170-11e9-807c-001bdc037ecd
What Happened:

Do you use Vulcan or D3D 11 as renderer in game?

The freezing and crashing bug is back, even with thre latest 430.64 drivers... 😞

I'm in the same boat, I even wiped and reinstalled windows installing the game before anything else to make sure it wasn't a software conflict. absolutely nothing done on the users end seems to fix the issue. I too requested a refund although i haven't heard anything back yet. This game was released in an alpha stage and should have been labeled as such. This isn't even beta quality. For me it is reproducible too. the 2nd level of new york always crashes. its never worked. The only one of the campaigns i know i can finish without a doubt is the 1st level of ny. I've tried every and anything i could find via google and these forums.... I've come to the conclusion its not something the end users can remedy. It's something wrong with the game itself. 1/2 the time i can't even send the report from the crash bc it locks up the entire pc requiring a hard reboot. There should be disclaimers and apology emails even partial refunds to compensate for the fact it's unplayable.

I blame the CEO and Sales-oriented upper executives trying to pad their pockets and make the most revenu from this game. These creeps come from other industries, lack a tech background, and implement practices that got them fired from their last CEO role such as rushing the product to market without quality systems in place. This leads to a bad experience for the customers. Clearly, this was an unfinished game. These CEO's need to be replaced by degreed systems engineers.

@zombie123 said in Game Crashes To Desktop PC:

The freezing and crashing bug is back, even with thre latest 430.64 drivers... 😞

Back? You never posted about it going away. It's like people only take the time to post when they are having problems, and never update us on when they get it working.

This damn game has never worked! I see patches being released, but they address nothing.