Teamkilling and leaving because of teamkilling...

So I'm just trying to play the game I preordered for $40 USD. But for a full match I'm teamkilled or jumped by a special zombies and said players don't help and this goes on for 25 minutes of them not going to the objective or anything other then teamkill and harass me. And vote kicking would not have done anything at all. Also when I left after then harassing me for 25 minutes and them not playing the game when I trying to, I didn't get any XP... That's okay I get that It doesn't have anything to do with the teamkilling but still it didn't help...

(More info is devs want It. It was on hard on Ep2 Jerusalem Brain surgery. But to be honest It wouldn't matter what map...)
(When downed by the 3 players each time I had to wait for my down circle to fully go down... Then wait 60 seconds till I respawn with none of my items I had...)

I also want to note that I love the game so far theres almost nothing wrong with It and this was one case out of 15 that I played.
And I'll try to make more post about other things like bugs ect.

Have a good day to who ever read the whole thing...

are you allowed to post their names so that people know who to avoid?

Make a video and report it or solution 2 play it with friends.

You unfortunately would need 3 friends (including yourself) to keep other random players from joining.

@rompy I would but whats the point If I don't have proof that they did It. This problem won't be fixed with pointing fingers...

@cloudmcrip It's to late to make a video/clip. Already reported through xboxlive reports but you need more then just my report for It to be flagged and looked at anyway... And I do play with friends but first day Its out and every friend you have that has the game goes to sleep or gets off what would you have me do, play a mutiplayer game on the "Co-op offline mode." I can but I want to play with people...

It also doesn't solve the fact that a player can teamkill for a whole match and or multiple matchs without anything happening... Unless hes by him self then you can vote kick. But that doesn't work in a 2v2 or 3v1 match...

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Suggestions for DEVS:

  1. Add report system (if it's not there yet).
  2. Make the person who host the game a Party Leader and I allow him to kick people without even needing to call voting.

L4D2 had the same problem, you couldn't kick a player because basically "Vote to kick" would end up 1 against 1 votes, resulting in no kick...

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@cozeris Well the report system wouldn't work and would take/cost to much to implement. And making some many bullets that hit a team mate kickable or banable Is to much because shooting team mates happen a lot most of the time like for example when a lurker or a bull have them pinned you some times hit them. Now you can make more lines of code for if there pinned or not but that comes with more possible bugs. Also you can most of the time abuse a report system to get some one banned.

Now for that kick party thing... That would be nice if you could host in the first place... But even if you don't use Quickplay its still quickplay for what episode mission that you pick. "Aleast on xbox". Plus even if you have 3 in a party including yourself its still quickplay you can't lock the lobby either, you can hope and ready up fast but yeah...

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FF ruins every game it’s in, people just cannot be trusted. I’d like an option to join FF on, FF off or both, I’d rather wait an extra 30 seconds for matchmaking to not have to deal with idiots.

I think thats a good idea for optional friendly fire settings. But they would have to readjust there difficulty settings, which is a big part of the game... And balance like for example it wouldn't be hard to game the system like that on the hardests difficulty say medic class"temp healer" shoots stim pistol at one melee class "tank" and melee tanks everything... There wouldn't be much of a need for medkits at "checkpoints".

I just hope that devs do something about it or atleast reply to some of the same type of posts.

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