[Suggestion] Fighting the pronefield effect

Just proposing an idea to test (maybe in the arcade mode for faster mode like DM) about the campers abusing proning : if you prone during like 10/15s (timing up to debate), the screen fades away and displays "You felt asleep. Wake up ? Get up !" When the player is asleep, he can't move or doing anything. The only thing he can do is getting up.
Thanks for these amazing games 😉

maybe in certain modes, but we really shouldn't be penalize players for taking a good position and covering the enemy approaches.

Or, fix the flawed gameplay mechanics/map design that lead to people spending so much time prone in the first place.

@jballou i don't think it's a problem if they let possibility of proning, it'll just prevent from some players to prone during like 5 minutes doing just nothing but being toxic for the game 😕

@zemanuuu I think you should get a message and penalized for being on your feet too long... Hey soldier sit down! That seems awfully stupid doesn’t it? Ya well same same... Good god this is what your worried about?

@planetcanada i'm not worried :o just proposing an idea to reduce toxic behavior in game - i think they found another solution to fight this in BF, and i disagree with it : they reduce contrast on players in a way they can be seen more efficiently, but i don't think that's the problem here actually... !