Gameplay Suggestions: First Impression (Update)

I've mentioned this in the Discord, however, maybe I post this here as well. The game I tip my hats to everyone who has worked on it, it's very fun. With the proper future roadmap, I'm sure myself and my friends will be engaged for a long time. Now on to my suggestions:

  1. We need to be able to create a lobby, for first time players or players who just want to see the intro sequences, their needs to be a way to just "create" a match instead of joining games in session.

What this causes is people like my friend and I dropping in and out of matches in the menu just to "find an open server", so we can start from the beginning. I'm pretty sure, having people dropping in and out in the lobby because of the lack of differentiating "games in progress" vs "creating a new match" is not intentional, but this is what it creates.

*** Many people are asking for private servers; and I think the option to create a lobby and switch it to public or private would suffice. . . A step further would be able to choose in this "created lobby" how many bots would be in the game e.g. 1 Human / 3 (A.I)pretty much solo)), 2 humans / 2 (A.I.) or 3 humans / 1 (A.I.)

  1. Melee attacks feel unnatural at times. It felt like there was an "Auto aim" for melee attacks. In my opinion the sensitivity should be lowered down, off, or an option for it like ADS weapons...

When I melee in the direction I'm facing it feels amazing, but there were times when I jump towards the enemy and it really felt awkward or slightly off the angle I was facing.

It didn't happen all the time and most of my swings felt awesome! However there were also plenty of instances when I should've have swung at a slightly off direction, and/or miss... instead I jumped right towards the zombie, and got the hit. This didn't feel natural to where I had aim and my real movement.

Hopefully this is helpful feedback, and these things gets implemented in the future.

Thanks again for making zombie killing great again.

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Hello @RealnGame
Regarding lobbies, we are discussing the private lobbies since we are aware that the community wants it. I can't assure you anything right now but we're on it!
I will send your post to the dev team so they can have a look at it 😊 I hope you have a great time playing World War Z! Have a great one! Thank you again for the support!

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Hey, I know its unrelated but could you tell me about the PlayStation Trophy issues with your game?

I appreciate this Raibi! You guys have an awesome team, and I continue to play the game. I love the transparency with the community.