MudRunner vs. SpinTires

@8up-local I kind of miss those days too, even though the mud may have already been "easy" when I was starting out with MR about a year ago. I remember getting stuck on the Bog too, though that could have been due to my newbie nature at the time. That's exactly what I'd like to see in MR again now that I'm much more experienced, i.e. actual mud emergencies that require rescue vehicles and utmost caution to not get the rescue vehicle stuck as well.

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@unster I bought the game just like you a few days back out of the hype. It was on discount and only paid like 3.45 so I'm gonna keep it anyway to see if it worths the while in the long run. So far just seems like they hired LocalHost and Draconous who have been working in the game all this time and made their mods official. Not my idea of a good product tho.

Is that super low price legit, i.e. a legitimate source selling licensed copies? On Steam I bought it for $12, still cheap and the price isn't an issue at all, but if MR stays better than ST I don't really see the purpose of keeping ST no matter how cheap it is. That's how I think.

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personally i do not think a person could go wrong by getting both. that is if it is something you know you want. although i have never really recommended either game to anyone who was not sure to begin with. i see stuff here and there quite a bit of people asking, which should i get? is one or both worth buying? hell idk, that is something only the person buying the game can really answer for themselves. those prices you fellas picked up the original for is damn good. for sure worth buying that cheap.

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@8up-local My #1 complaint about ST for now is the lack of support for a manual shifter & wheel, which forces me to use the on-screen shifter in hardcore mode to turn on diff lock, and that on-screen shifter is a pain to use, especially since gear 1 is that branch in the middle and that's what you need to use to turn on diff lock and it's much too easy to slide past it.

Having said that, I'm still interested in the updates for ST, and that's the only reason I got the game. Otherwise it's pretty much redundant to MR.

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@unster lol yeah that broken twig of a shifter? i know right?
alt text
i recommend tattoo's shifter mod if needed. he made the original H pattern mod. look in the downloads section there.

might as well pick up STmod while you are at it. read the thread to get instructions on install and how to use it.

and also how to manually install mods would not hurt, if you do not already know how, but there should be auto install mods somewhere. i have always manually installed myself, helps troubleshooting if needed imo.

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LOL, yeah the shifter kind of looks like that. The design makes no sense. It's much better in MR. I may look up that mod.

I don't use STmod or any executable that modifies the game. Just my preference. But I do have plenty of mods, at least in MR most of which I tweak to my liking, so I'm very familiar with the process.

I had a brief look at the mods for ST yesterday. So far I have the impression that MR mods are of higher quality, certainly not all of them, but so far I've come across only one ST mod that's worth keeping (an old RWD tractor). But I have dozens of mods for MR.

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@unster higher quality i would agree, but also must remember vast majority of those were made by creators that had already been doing it for a while in ST. some of the last mods made by people i know for ST looked really good. changing to MR their first mods were not far off from where they left off.

setting up modded ST is not quite as easy as it is for MR i will admit, but not so bad after you are used to it a bit of course.

@8up-local Funny, ST is starting to grow on me a bit. I think what helped is that I even managed to get some of my vehicles stuck without even trying. So I'm starting to wonder if the deeper mud in ST does have an effect after all. I don't remember getting stuck like this in MR.



well one of the first updates for MR was a change to the mud. i asked if it was made to be easier or harder, but pavel only replied "it is much better".....ok....🙄

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@8up-local Well that's the thing that has confused me and I think it was you who contributed to the confusion. Didn't you say the last version of ST also had the "easy" mud? I think it does, but since it's deeper than it is in MR, at least I feel that it is, it's still somewhat harder. So far I like it a lot. Heck I'm starting to like ST more than MR. What's going on? 😜

@unster yes the "new" mud for ST is easy, but MR is even easier now. meh.... 🙄

@8up-local Holy cow! The new ST beta is now out to the public and I'm seeing in the change list that the mud difficulty has been restored close to original. I can't wait to get home to try it out!

i would, but i am having issues with it crashing on start up. i know it is on me because friends have been playing/checking it out already today. will be trouble shooting this for a bit i feel 😒

I'm sensing some competition now between Focus/Saber and Oovee. What a coincidence that the ST beta is being released on the same day as the next DLC for MR is being announced. And we finally heard from Focus on the MR2 event.

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Well, I really didn't think I'd say this, but I think ST has MR beat. With the new beta out it has better graphics, better sounds and better simulation (deeper harder mud, proper/fewer winch points, less slippage on pavement, etc.) than MR. The only category I think where MR is still superior is content with all its DLC's and many trucks. But to me that matters less. ST just feels more authentic as a logging truck simulator.

I woudnt recommend being too hyped for ST, doubt they bring some huge changes/improvements with the team they have, its rumored that their team is lot of modders trying to give new life to game

And this so called update isnt that astonishing imo, tho im gonna try and be open minded after all those dark years and accept ST back if developed with some outstanding features

But one again, Dont hype yourselves too much guys

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And we finally heard from Focus on the MR2 event.

No. Thats what i thought at first but if u go and read it again it says we will have more news from journalists that attended WhatsNext event, so no official news

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@zamal You should try the new beta before judging it. I made my last comment after spending a few hours on the beta. It's pretty awesome I'd say, and I think ST's small team is quite capable. A lot of things are better now than in MR, including fewer bugs.

I've been playing the new beta and not gonna lie I like the new graphics and it seems to run good. Its clearer, sharper I started up MR and started the "same map" and after a few seconds switched back to ST. The only thing that really needs work now is the camera controls. and maps on workshop. I had to manually install a map off the net, I almost forgot how to do it lol. And If its crashing and you have spintires plus installed you'll have to remove it. I've just been renaming the map I want to play to proving ground that way I can have the dev tools.

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@unster i did try new beta and as i said before its not that astonishing IMO, hope they do better in future

@Unster The AW trucks do not have any friction settings in the xml files. I noticed that when it first came out. I added the friction lines and values in the files and it worked out great but... then came along a new update and set everything back to it previous version. I used to delete and tweak alot of files but gave up because as soon as I get the game where I'm happy with it they go and do an update.