Game suddenly doesn't start


So today suddenly it goes like this: the game starts, does it's thing - loading screen, then games workshop intro, then focus intro and then it just shuts down, back to computer desktop for me...


P.S. I played a bit in the morning then I left the game running a bit and when i came back the screen was black and the bottom windows bar had popped up, the game icon was there too. But i turned off the pc immediatelly cause i had to leave and didn't pay attention to a message that popped up.

Thanks in advance

Same here. Game starts, crashes on third splash screen. I think it says Focus Interactive. Crash. Tried it about 15 times now, restarted system, validated file integrity through steam, everything.

Worked fine last night, been playing for two weeks. Tried deleting the battlefleet gothic armada 2 appdata folder too. Still Crashing.


On the PartyElite Discord we had at least 4 people that had similar issues starting up.

For me it actually freaking crashed my computer doing that. Next Steam tells me the game isnt even installed.

Someone said when it doesnt start up, he didnt see the "Easy anti cheat" thing load up before.

Something is very wrong dear Devs.

We're very sorry to hear about that, the dev team is currently investigating on this.
We will inform you as soon as we have further information.

It's fixed and back to normal!
The issue was comming from an EAC update.
Please let us know if you still encounter this kind of issue.

Edit: It seems to be fixed only for some players.
Can the players that still encounter this crash post here their UE4 crashlog + Dxdiag?
Thank you.

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It seems fine so far, thanks a lot team!

Seems to be working for me too. Thanks again!