Recorded as a double loss.

One of my games which I lost counted twice which is now affecting my ranking at crucial time. Shows I've lost 5 times in the league and stats however on my games history I have clearly only lost four times. Can this be amended?

Community Manager

Hi, thanks for your report.

Could you give us your coach name and team name?

CellCommander Z - ElfStar Superstars - Xbox ccl.

Community Manager

When did you play the 5 matches with this team? Approximately.

BB2 Champion Ladder Admin Team is showing your team as having 4 losses and is currently the 3rd placed HE team.

As usual we will compare the in-game standings with the database data and if there are any issues we will resolve them at the end of the season.

I think it occured about time I lost my second game, think it was against blade2430. Believe I should be 2nd top helf team if my five losses are changed to four. Just wanted to highlight this out of fairness to ouryeti (1st helf team), so he knows exactly where we both stand In ccl.

This was a while ago. I'm sure it occured after a loss, however possibly it may have happened after an opponent disconnected. I knew about this for a while and thought it would rectify itself. Also thought it wouldn't matter really but with the possibility the top helf team could come down to a single game. Thought I better get it sorted.

Community Manager

Ok thanks. We had this issue a few weeks ago and it's should be fixed now. I would have been worried if it occured in the last days, but your issue seem to be old enough to be part of the double loss series from 2-3 weeks ago.

In the ccl league standings it's still showing as 5 losses which is surely affecting my league position. Will this be change?

BB2 Champion Ladder Admin Team

No, it won't. But when I do the checks for the qualifiers on the 8th it will be picked up.

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