Private lobbies

Why isn't private lobbies already implemented? I just wanna que with my mates n have a chill time but that's not possible with forced online lobbies.

Agreed. This needs to be implemented immediately.

Yeah same, I'm fair upset about this. I'm not ok with random players joining my game. My time with my friends is valuable. Been playing on Live for 11 years and random players in my game doesn't work well and never has. If no reply about private lobbies from the team then I have no choice but get my money back.

100% agree. I am under my two hours played and unless I hear that this is going to be implemented soon then I will refund. Joining other random groups halfway through because they're other teammates bailed is no fun. I want to play with just my friends.

Agreed this needs to happen fast

Hello @HoboliciousUK @jillottaway @hibachi @Deceit @nanobrain ✌
Thank you for taking the time to share how you feel about this with us. I will pass it on to our dev team.
But we are aware that it's highly requested by players 😄 thank you again for the support and taking the time to send us your feedbacks!