Asteroid Fields Should Act Like Holofields

As the name implies, I am suggesting that asteroids act like holo fields. Ships shooting at another ship in or through asteroid fields should have reduce accuracy and have a chance to absorb lance shots. This will provide a tactical choice when creating a game strategy and make terrain have more of an impact on the game.

they already do
in asteroids enemy macros have -20% accuracy when shooting you
atleast think its -20% its some number close to that atleast

Sure, but that does not address that shooting through (both ships outside of the asteroid field but shooting through it at one another) should also apply the same modifier and block lances.

@ashardalon I feel like the tooltip for asteroids said that in the first game, but it doesn't say that in this one, right? Are you sure it's still the case?

@whitehawke yes its not mentioned in the tooltip, but it does work like that in game
if it had a tooltip i wouldnt be as unsure about the penalty being 20%

@Ezycompany101 that would be a cool mechanic

Astroid fields definantly need some more tweaks.

They could be a dice roll shot blocker.
I feel that lances shouldnt be effected by astroid fields nearly as much as say macros though.

But i think the easiest way to go about it is giving the ship better protection in exchange for a small accuracy debuff.

They also should improve the damage that the fields do

@ashardalon What method did you use to test this information?

@whitehawke asking devs
while you can achieve a lot with personal testing its sometimes still useful to get confirmation from people who have/made the code
was asking to bring back the dodge bonus from bfg1 asteroids gave as it was a cool tradeoff, but they said it was already in the game

@ashardalon Lol, then you should ask them to bring back the tooltip instead. 🙂

@whitehawke The wrong tooltip text really needs to go from all spaces. I really don't trust any description with the amount of wrong/placeholder text used in game. Especially for ship descriptions or weapons. Necrons carrier with navy descriptions. Many ship models, for Chaos at least, show a much different armament than the tooltip suggests.

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