Private Coop mode needs to be added immediately.

It is unbelievable this wasn't implemented on day one.

Until this is added, I will be joining random games, and purposely Teamkilling and sabotaging games.

I don't agree with sabotaging games.... But I 100 agree that private lobbies need to be implemented immediately.

Then you should be banned for exploiting.

@angiek76 It's not an exploit to team kill.

They don't have a system in place to counter act it properly like most other games do, such as also taking damage when you repeatedly attack your teammates.

I also agree they need private lobbies immediately. I was team killed by some kid that disagreed with me, so when I got picked up I team killed him. It went on like that for the entire match, there is no system to prevent it. Many other games have presented systems to help curb this type of greifing and the dev's need to get with the program.

However, I'll be honest and say I hope they fix the more glaring issues related to the game such as rampant crashes and an entirely nonexistent friends system for the PC users.

They've announced that private lobbies are coming, but to deliberately sabotage games isn't cool. All weekend long I've had people trying to team kill or hijack games by not returning to the designated spot to end the match. It's more than a little annoying.

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If I'm not penalized, it looks like another game feature to me. Like not being able to add friends to my party. Great features.

Wow you absolute asshole. Acting like a petulant child and ruining the game for others just because you don't get your own way.

wow....amazing how piss poor some people are. because the game dosent have a certain feature yet, you go to ruin other peoples games. why? to make a point? like showing everyone what a miserable excuse of a person you are because you cant wait for the next patch to implement said feature so you go and try to let other people feel how miserable you feel every second without having your way?

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