Announcing Free DLC - Old-Timers

FYI just downloaded DLC for XBox.

If anybody has problems read this. Basic summary, just search for the DLC directly in the store.

I switched on the XBox today and got an update request for Mudrunner of about 1GB.

After downloading and restarting, like on earlier DLC, top left corner shows “Update available press Y” in yellow, but on pressing Y the store list only shows the previous DLCs, not the new one. Restarting doesn’t help.

Solution was to ignore the game interface and just search directly for Mudrunner in the xbox store search menu. Then the new DLC appears and will download very quickly, only about 100mb I think.

I seem to recall having the same issue with the Ridge DLC release. Perhaps it’s only an issue because I’m searching so soon after release while the game is updated in the xbox store catalogue. Either way, good luck and have fun.

Very quick first impressions (10 minutes play), Chevy seems ridiculously OP but cute as hell and twice as much fun. The map looks fantastic. Lots of interesting and varied terrain to play around in.

Thanks Focus 🙂

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Now to see how long we wait until patch notes, and whether or not they actually put everything that they changed into the patch notes or if we have to figure out a bunch of unmentioned things again.