MudRunner 2 Speculation/Suggestions

I created this thread for all of you, including myself to speculate on what features MudRunner 2 will have, and what the game will be, and to leave suggestions for the developers, what they should add to the game.
Let the posts begin!

I think we need no invisible/black multiplayer trucks, see others headlights, and hear others trucks

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I think we need no invisible/black multiplayer trucks, see others headlights, and hear others trucks

Hi, thanks for using my thread!
Exactly, you've literally just summarised what I've wanted to see in Spintires for years.
And they also shouldn't have these weird shadows beneath them. And the players' names should be disablable (if that's a word).

Edit: They shouldn't have these weird black shadows beneath them! My bad!

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One day - joining a multiplayer game, map loaded in "seashore" I think it was.Wanted to help to complete it.But wasn't sure what would be my best set-up to put on in the Garage before I leave and guys did not have MIC's also!

What I'm trying to say is-It would be really cool if there would be some kind of "spectate" option somewhere just so I could switch my camera to others players trucks for a second and have a look what they are doing and what set up they are on. Cause I don't want to get a Fuel Cistern for example,because there are already 3 guys maybe running it 😉 And if the guys are on the other side of the map there is no way to find that out.

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Well first Mudrunner is listed to come out later this year, so I imagine the game is in the final stages. So whatever new suggestions we have will likely be reserved for DLC.

As for multiplayer, I think they should scrap the whole ownership thing. You should be able to load other peoples trucks without needing them to ask permission to own the load. You should be able to see all trucks on the map, both active and inactive (so no more black shadows). I think you should be able to share trailers as well. We should be able to see oncoming headlights, and other peoples vehicles should effect your map. Like if somebody get stuck and makes a big bog hole, that bog hole should appear on everybody's game. Everybody's tracks should be visible also.

That said, I do hope they keep the phasing feature from Mudrunner 1 as it makes online griefing pretty much impossible. Yes, have impact. If I'm driving down one way and somebody is coming the opposite way and we crash, yea have impact, have it damage out trucks, etc. Impact is fine. But if somebody rams you on purpose and keeps on the gas trying to run you over and flip you, then yes make so that person maybe after 1 or 2 seconds just phase through you like it is in Mudrunner.

That's the main thing I want carried over from Mudrunner 1 Online. Keep it a anti-grief game.

These are all amazing suggestions!
Thanks so much for sharing them!

@8x8 they are amazing, sad part is no one from dev team is reading this... or are they?

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These are all amazing suggestions!
Thanks so much for sharing them!

Thanks. I most play online as as I got the game 100% trophy completed offline. So a lot of the time I just see what randoms need help and give them a hand.

So as such I've come to know what could be made better online.

I play on console so One more I'd really like is to some way turn the damage off. It's really frustrating when u are climbing a rock or something and your rear bumper slams on the rock on the way down and does 200/300 damage and at that point you get that engine failiure gets you🤘

Guys, I was thinking, you guys think their customization systema on MR2 will like, let us take a stock K5 blazer and chage the suspension, lift it up and put offroad tires on it? that would be dope! Imagine starting off with an old stock Chevy and gathering money to upgrade it and make it a monster like the ones on "Dirt Everyday" you tube chanel.

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Guys, I was thinking, you guys think their customization systema on MR2 will like, let us take a stock K5 blazer and chage the suspension, lift it up and put offroad tires on it? that would be dope! Imagine starting off with an old stock Chevy and gathering money to upgrade it and make it a monster like the ones on "Dirt Everyday" you tube chanel.

Hopefully yes.
I think it'll be more like American Truck Simulator, though. (Not that that's a bad thing)
But yes, perhaps you will be able to!

I hope that it will NOT be like that.

  1. If I want to play ATS/ETS, there are on steam, so...
  2. I like this game being "real based" so I never got the point of mods like "...and what about putting HUGE tires on a Lambo?"
  3. Because it is more or less confirmed that there will be such thing as "modification" at MR2, I hope for modifications like snorkel, a winch or so. Being able to turn my truck pink and put some stars and hearts on the bonnet really isn't my thing.

In the end, I am curious about whole that "money" thing. So far, most likeable thing on the game is the fact that it is a sandbox. And that could be easily broken up with such a thing as in-game-money...

@sodoma I think you are missunderstanding the point here. I don't want to customize the trucks in some sort of NFS Underground style. I also never got the point of overdone mods without even a real life counterpart. I've mentioned somewhere else here that I even goolge before downloading a mod to see if it is close enough to the "real thing" so it's worth for me.

With that said, Lifting a 4x4 and putting offroad tires is not a mere cosmetic thing. Getting more ground clearence is an advantage you'd like to have when crossing that river that has been preventing you from taking the shortcut to the Fuel Station 😉

ATS and ETS have an amazing customization system not only based on visual aspect but performance also. If mudrunner 2 get such degree of implementation we will all be lucky. All the customization featured on ETS and ATS are based on real life things. I don't see how it does not apeal to you having it on MR2.

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@deathcoreboy1 I see your point.
It is probably my bad, because when I hear "customisation", image that pops up in my mind is like this (modified in accordance to a game)
So I apologize for that.
On the other hand, (usually american) 4x4 with misfitting tires kinda falls in that category (for me)...

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@sodoma hahahha that motorcicle is ridiculous! I see you point bro. Nevermind. We'll have to wait and see. Maybe not misfitting but... some sort of offroad big tires wont hurt anyone, right? 😃

I will admit I am a little concerned about potential "commercialisation". From being a hardcore, almost pet project with very advanced physics and rather obscure (to most westerners) rugged vehicles to more "popular" features such as western vehicles (still cool, but not as terrain going, as has been pointed out), career modes, customisation and, importantly, new "recovery options" and apparently simplified cargo loading. Not unlike what has happened to a lot of other genres and franchises. Career mode and customisation isn't necessarily bad things at all, but it can be done wrong. Most of all I certainly hope we're not going to see Mudrunner 3 within another two years. That would just be the final nail in the coffin.

It depends on the type of game, but I generally don't like the concept of rewards. Playing should be its own reward. There should be a goal (I can't do pure sandbox games), but if the only reason you're playing is for the reward, then you're playing for the wrong reason, in my opinion. That includes achievements which I, for the most part, have come to despise. Too many of them are just "do everything in the game", "do this 100 times for no reason" or the classic "find every single pointless, hidden item placed throughout the game for the sole purpose of this very achievement". I say this having played WoW for some ten years and getting nearly every achievement possible. I'm not touching another MMO ever again. No more grinding. No more hostile multiplayer environments. Just pure enjoyment.

Sorry for this barely relevant little rant. The enjoying of games is just a very dear topic to me.

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What would be wrong with Mudrunner 3 2 or 3 years in the future? 2 or 3 years is plenty of time between title releases, and by then fans would be wanting a Mudrunner 3 that could take full advantage of next gen PS5/XBOX Whatever.

It's better then sports games. I'm into WWE games and we get a new one of those every single year. I'd love if 2K took 2-3 years between games like Focus does with Mudrunner.

@lombra I get your point, but we can't desire fot the devs to not enlarge the game just because we fear they'll do it the wrong way. They can even push an update and fuck the hell of MR1. We can only hope for the best and try to push them in the correct direction.

The next MR has to be larger, better in every aspect. The things that have been anounced are promessing so far and I really hope that the "simplified cargo loading" is just in a "good way" and not pointing at making it arcadey.

BTW, I find archievements pointless as well.

@deathcoreboy1 Yeah, I never paid attention to achievements until after I took that survey here recently which asked about it. I honestly had to guess how many achievements I had unlocked as I really had no idea. I'm fine with reasonable achievements and I get them without specifically trying for them. But I hate stupid achievements like driving on purpose a certain distance with the parking brake on. Come on, think of something smarter to achieve.

@justinlynch3 Taking advantage of next gen consoles won't be a problem. Developers always have to hold back on the visuals compared to PC.

Do not agree that two years is enough to develop a meaningful sequel with significant changes, (maybe three years) that doesn't just amount to slightly polished graphics and minor-ish features. (ie what Mudrunner is to Spintires) Mudrunner 2 does look to be worthy of being its own title, since it seems to significantly change the game design. If in the future they want to keep the gameplay formula but introduce new content, then that's exactly what (paid) DLCs are for. Making new titles every other year just tells me you're not really interested in fixing and polishing your product, you just throw it away and sell a new product instead.

And do not use the worst possible case (sports games) to set the bar for what's acceptable.

@deathcoreboy1 I'm not entirely sure what you mean. If an update "breaks" the game, I would of course prefer that said update not be released. They shouldn't be afraid to make changes, no, but we should be afraid of them making the wrong changes. We have a highly unique product, and I don't like using this phrase, but I would hate to see its uniqueness get compromised in order to cater to more casual players. (ie bring in more money)