ai skill increasing as the player levels up

People keep telling me that the AI reacts according to skill level, but if that was the case I would not start this topic again: I can hardly ever play a game without the AI "cheating" on me. It started to become difficult approaching 100, but now having passed 300 it´s only luck that gets me through a round without dying. I can do whatever I want, try all the classes and tactics but I will certainly be taken out with the first round of whatever suddenly appearing hostile. There is nothing I can do about it apparently, but maybe a dev listens and maybe there is smb out there able to cast some light upon or clarify this ...

I can gladly second this, felt it since 75 approaching 100. Between 100 and 200 the time necessary for NPCs to acquire targets through impossible odds slowly but steadily diminished. Yesterday though (now lvl 220) something new happened. I've been greeted on my first session by mortar strike death twice in a row (one on the lowest floor) and "sudden death" from "going out of nowhere" nade (w/o that familiar clinking sound) twice in a row. Also 4 deaths in a row where your agency to counteract these "random (?)" events drops to zero, i.e. no amount of skill in the world can save you. These things happened mostly once in 3-4 sessions previously. My gut feeling says something quaint may be going on here, cause I don't think these events fall into the category of the usual bad luck. I've experienced a lot more during this game already to dissuade my suspicion.

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@bahzooga Gonna third this as I've been wondering about the same thing.

Especially in lobbies where I'm the highest rank, and in theory would then be the "best player", I feel like I always wind up with the most amount of deaths.

Yeah, it became more than ridiculous when I exceeded lvl 200. Now enemies are spawned virtually right into my face when moving to the next object, several times in a row within one game. Also lost my avatar quite often by grenades suddenly from… nowhere (no bots around? couldn't find something in the replays…). Happend always when sprinting - even behind cover. Now I stop after a sprint start within a second and move back into cover. Guess what… boom, but now my avatar survives. Could reproduce this several times. Yes, and the funny bots having total reaction times of less than 100ms (measured!). Try to counter this with skill.

Ok, my personal "workaround"... as soon as I'm bot-shitted I leave the server to find a new game. Period.
Of course this kills the team sprit completely.

But... I simply don't allow developers to rule my time by stupid ideas.

What we see here is not an increased skill of AI. The "I" stands in this case not for "intelligence". It's just the poor man's approach to AI. Being advice resistant doesn't help either.

This game is degenerated to run & gun for the puppy protected lower levels.

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Is this supposed to be some kind of compensation to make the game more difficult to keep veterans challenged and interested? I have noticed this particularly when I am playing with ranks under 50. I'm only at rank 80 and have noticed a change recently. I will spawn right next to the bots. I am frequently the only victim of mortar strikes.

kanneltaja72 "... and "sudden death" from "going out of nowhere" nade (w/o that familiar clinking sound) twice in a row." I have had spectators say WTF?! at the mysterious nade deaths and magic bullets from somewhere.

Is there something to this?

Hello everyone,

Thank you for your feedback regarding the AI behavior. It'll be passed on to the team.

Yepper...I also leave when this crap starts and find a new game.

It's one thing to be challenged and be able to adapt and overcome but when you are seemingly zapped from nowhere several spawns in a row I'm outta here.

I am with these guys 135 and the death from nowhere suck and I quit also