my thoughts to insurgency

I am very happy that you have decided to develop new content centered on players and communities. Here are my suggestions.
First, the idea of ​​a new model: the model of rebellion, the player can only play the insurgents. According to Checkpoint's rules, there are only a few supply points when starting the game. The initial players can only snatch weapons from the enemy, with one One captures the target and the points become more and more until the occupation of this map wins.
Second: A training ground, which I think is necessary, I hope to develop it.
Third: Please develop more weapons. The weapons in the turbulent areas are often made by the nations. . . . You understand what to do.
Fourth: I have been playing for a while, always feel. . . You know, bulletproof vests are too strong. In Rebellion 2, the defensive role of heavy armor is also very limited. Since the rebellion is a hardcore game, each bullet should be more deadly. . Of course, whether to enable the hard core mode should be decided by the player.
Anyway, I will continue to support this game. This game is a real rebellion. I like it very much. I hope that you can continue to work hard to make this game better.

My thoughts: new maps, new maps, new maps. I don't mind the idea of a hardcore mode (as if the current game isn't stressful enough...), it was very successful in BF4, but I don't like the idea of splitting the player base even more. I'd rather some larger maps where you can have MORE players.


@Phillip A hardcore Versus mode would be cool!(no armour? Everything has AP rounds? No damage reflection...) I think the maps are too big as is. Current Map size would be alright for push with more players but would break everyone’s computers...